Bikaner’s Luxurious Narendra Bhawan is offering free stay |  Pay only for food

Bikaners Luxurious Narendra Bhawan is offering free stay | Pay only for food

The idea of remaining for nothing at an extravagance boutique property energizes everybody. When you felt that a loosening up remain at probably the most famous properties will be out of your financial plan, Narendra Bhawan in Bikaner has an astonishment for you. They will have you for FREE, and you should simply pay for the food.

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You should simply Pay For Food

As things are returning to the 'new typical', numerous inn properties around the nation are opening up. On top of the rules gave by the legislature and World Health Organization (WHO), they are investigating every possibility to give safe encounters to voyagers. What's more, when wellbeing accompanies a lot, it makes the entire experience extremely overpowering.

 The notable legacy property of Bikaner, Narendra Bhawan, has reported its reviving and is inviting individuals to remain for nothing till August 2020. The advancement is called, 'We Pay, You Stay'. While they deal with your remain, you should simply pay for food. The charges for that are 3,500 per individual, every night. The main condition, is that two individuals ought to remain in a room.

 On the off chance that you felt that it was simply going to be some smorgasbord coming up for you, we guarantee you, it isn't. Aside from breakfast, there will be a variety of customary suppers that will be served to you. From an ala carte lunch menu to a Marwadi thali for supper, you'll get the opportunity to have everything. We are slobbering as of now!

Narendra Bhawan, a boutique hotel in Bikaner, Rajasthan, India

 Narendra Bhawan Housed The Last Reigning Maharaja Of Bikaner Highness Narendra Singh Ji

 Narendra Bhawan Bikaner retells the account of the last dominant Maharaja of Bikaner, His Highness Narendra Singh Ji (1948 - 2003). The property oozes stories of flavors, benefits and eminence that once encircled him, in as our forefathers would have done it. The haveli was once home to the maharaja and has now made its ways for individuals, with the old world appeal still flawless. This might be one of only a handful barely any manners by which you could verge on encountering the genuine Rajasthan sovereignty.

Fine Dining Restaurants in Bikaner | Narendra Bhawan, Bikaner

How Might You Travel To Bikaner

 The most ideal approach to venture out to Bikaner will be by street from Delhi. According to the ongoing rules, a movement pass should be gotten on the off chance that you plan on entering the Rajasthan fringe. At first, individuals were permitted to head out to and from the state absent a lot of limitations, however that has prompted increment in the quantity of Covid-19 positive cases. At the fringes, every approaching explorer will be screened for IDs too, so ensure that you are not going without that.


Bikaner's Narendra Bhawan takes you through the life of a maharaja