Chemmanur International Holidays & Resorts Pvt Ltd is part of the Boby Chemmanur International Group. The Group began its journey in the year 1863, with a single store at Varanthirappilly, Thrissur. 155 years since the initial spark, today the Chemmanur Brand stands strong with its legacy of traditional values and visionary outlook. The hallmark of the group is enhancing lifestyles, while promoting progress in all walks of life. This is what has earned us the trust and goodwill of people and continues to widen our reach across the globe. The BCIG employs over 8000 individuals (3200 directly and 5000 by extension). As on March 31, 2017 the turnover of the group was INR 4000 Cr, with the Jewellery division valued at INR 1107 Cr and the NBFC division at INR 66 Cr.


The Boby Chemmanur International Group (BCIG) launches a much-needed, revolutionary enterprise to help realize the dream of a luxury vacation that’s easy on the pocket. With Inclusivity as the focus, we want to make it possible for people from all walks of life to enjoy the best vacations, at the best prices.
The group proudly offers ‘Holidays for All’ with our Club Oxygen initiative as the inaugural offering of Chemmanur International Holidays and Resorts Pvt. Ltd. At Club Oxygen, we provide luxurious, customized holidays at the most affordable rates. Our guests and their families will enjoy premium amenities, the wonders of Nature and attentive service at our resorts. All this without feeling the monetary pinch, that such services usually command.

Club Oxygen goes beyond mere recreation for families, it brings people together-to experience the magic of the earth under pristine blue skies, while soaking in the golden rays of the sun. Every service and experience of Club Oxygen is carefully thought through, to ensure unforgettable, unmatched experiences, and delightful memories that you will cherish for a lifetime. We are delighted to invite you to savor a breath of fresh air, with our holidays. Our teams assure you and your loved ones of the most wonderful experience, with every holiday at Club Oxygen.


1. EMI shall vary as per the product type

2. The value of Jewellery will vary based on the type of membership purchased. Please read the terms and conditions of gift offer scheme (DWD scheme) for details

3. Assurance for Special Day Holidays