Here are the facts you all should read: if you are planning to visit hotels post-lockdown

Here are the facts you all should read: if you are planning to visit hotels post-lockdown

As per the current scenario there are going to be a lot of changes some industry may face. To name them a few, travel and tourism is something which is adversely affected after this pandemic. Many countries such as Italy, Spain, Europe, and many more in the queue, who are earning a lot from the country tourism. To talk about hotels, motels, and restaurants. They are adversely affected by the corona pandemic.  

It was estimated that 7 out of 10 hotels are empty and without any single guest to visit. There is a lot of pressure on the industry as post-pandemic as well people will fear to visit the hotels as the corona can be spread very easily. Many hotels are laying of the employees as per the current scenario and report from the USA, it was estimated that almost 70% of the employees are laid off or facing huge salary deductions or having leave without pay. This is something that is spread across the globe. To tell you about the small hotels or hotels with the lesser budget are shutting their business down. 

As per the USA report till May 2020, almost 70% of the hotels are almost without any guests. 

As per the American Hotel and lodging associations (AHLA), the post-pandemic tourism and hotel industry will be quite different as compared with the previous ones. There is a need to change a lot of policies to make tourists more comfortable while visiting or staying in the hotels. 

As per reports:

  1. People will go for smaller or denser lodging, with no other member nearby, as the method of their prevention and safety.
  2. New protocols will of sanitization will be implemented and followed by every staff for better prevention.
  3. Only 50% of the rooms in every hotel will be booked.
  4. There will be a pre-entry check-up of every visitor.
  5. There will be a welcome kit in every room for the guests which might consist of the hand sanitizer, tissues, mask, and gloves.
  6. There will be no extra decorative items as this might increase the chances of the spread of the germs and viruses very easily.
  7. The housekeeping will be done as per the request of the guests.
  8. New methods will consist of either no contact delivery of the items or a housekeeping person with the PPE suit.
  9. Buffet system will shut, as it may create a lot more of chances for the spread of the germs and bacteria very easily and to a large number of people at once.
  10.  Spa facilities in a hotel won’t be shut but instead you will be asked to wear a mask while having a spa. 
  11.  A different set of cleaning protocols and social distancing will be adopted.

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