How to obtain/renew International Driving Permit for Indians?

How to obtain/renew International Driving Permit for Indians?

New rules for renewing an International Driving Permit while traveling abroad

The Department of Road and Land Transportation will facilitate the issuance of an International Driving Permit (IDP) to Indian nationals whose displaced persons have expired abroad.
On Sunday, the Ministry of Land Transport and Roads reported that there is no mechanism to renew it while citizens are abroad and the displaced have expired.

Apply through Indian embassies/missions for International Driving Permit

Now with this amendment, it is suggested that Indian citizens can apply for renewal through Indian embassies/missions abroad, as these applications go to VAHAN gate in India, to be considered by the respective Regional Relocation Offices (RTO). The IDP will be sent to the citizen at his address abroad by the respective regional transport offices.

No medical certificate is required for International Driving Permit

The ministry said that this also removes the medical certificate and visa requirements valid at the time of (International Driving Permit) IDP application in India.
The idea is that a citizen with a valid driver's permit should not be required to have another medical certificate.
"There are countries where the visa is issued on arrival or the visa is issued at the last minute. In such cases, the visa is not available when applying for an IDP in India before traveling. Therefore, the IDP application is You can now file without a visa, "he added.

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