India’s First Solar Powered Miniature Train Launched by Kerala Govt

Indias First Solar Powered Miniature Train Launched by Kerala Govt

The train is said to have three buses that can accommodate about 45 passengers at a time. Additionally, Tourism Minister Kadakampally Surendran has reported that the state government has allocated 60 million Indian rupees for the revamping of the village. Additionally, a village with a swimming pool costing INR 2.5 crore and an urban park of INR 5 crore has been developed for the public.

It is said that the artificial steam emanating from the train locomotive is inspired by the ancient steam locomotive, which will definitely evoke feelings of nostalgia. The plant house has also been designed in the traditional style, while the excess energy generated by the system will be directed to the Kerala State Power Board grid, CM added.

Going deeper into the development work, Vijayan stated that the convention center will contain a digital display facility, art gallery and outdoor theater that will enhance the look of Philly Village.

Regarding the projects, the business valued at INR 20 crore has already been completed while other works are underway and the Tourism Facilitation Center is slated to open in January

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