Lockdown 4.0: Rules for inter-state travel

Lockdown 4.0: Rules for inter-state travel

India entered lockdown  4.0 from 18th May and will continue until May 31. This stage comes with more mobility options since the Ministry of Home Affairs  (MHA) has issued a new set of guidelines that will be implemented by government ministries and departments, state or union lands, authorities to contain the spread of the Corunna virus. 

Here is everything you need to know.

  Passenger cars and buses can travel between countries, but with the mutual consent of the states and the union.

  • Interested state governments will decide the movement of passenger cars and buses between countries.
  • All national and international flights will remain suspended during this period, except those allowed by the Ministry of the Interior for medical and security purposes.
The movement of medical personnel, medical personnel and nurses within and outside the country is permitted. Ambulances and sanitation vehicles can move without restrictions.

Furthermore, according to an official declaration, no country or UT will stop the movement of any type of goods or merchandise for trade across land borders by virtue of treaties with neighboring countries.

  • Ola and Uber's taxi services found no mention in the current list of prohibited activities. This will be decided by the respective countries, which will formulate their own public transport guidelines.
  • Metro rail services are still pending throughout the country.
  • The opening of sports complexes and stadiums will be allowed, but spectators will not be allowed. 

In addition, according to the new guidelines, states and UT parties will classify red, orange and green areas, taking into account the criteria shared by the Ministry of Health. However, the movement of people is still strictly prohibited between 7 p.m. and 7 a.m., except for basic activities.

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