Lotus Symbol to be printed on the New Passports as a part of the security features

Lotus Symbol to be printed on the New Passports as a part of the security features

It has been proposed to add the symbol of a Lotus to the new Indian Passports. On 12th December 2019, Thursday, the Ministry of External Affairs made a statement that the lotus symbol will be used as a security measure after the opposition party had raised an issue at the Lok Sabha about this.

The lotus symbol is the election symbol of the  BJP (Bhartiya Janata Party), M K Raghavan of the Congress Party had raised the issue of the printing of the lotus on the new passports which has been brought in Kozhikode, Kerala for the distribution while the ongoing Zero Hour. He added that this matter was also highlighted in a newspaper alleging that this action was the “further saffronisation” of the government. Mr. Raveesh Kumar, Ministry of External Affairs Spokesperson had said that this is one the symbols that the BJP government is planning on using. It is the symbol of our national flower.

These security features are introduced by the guidelines of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) as stated by the Ministry of External Affairs.

The initiative is a security feature that will help in identifying the fake passports and it will involve the use of the other national symbols on the rotation too. Currently, it is the Lotus symbol and the next month, some other symbol will be used. These symbols will be related to India, such as the national flower or the animal of India.

The Ministry of External Affairs of India (MEA), is also known as the Foreign Ministry. The Ministry of External Affairs is responsible for the conduct of foreign relations and the issues of India. It is under the Indian government. The Ministry is given the responsibility for the representation of India in the United Nations. It also plays the role of providing advice to the other Ministries as well as the State governments when they have to deal with the foreign governments.

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