Pack your bags and take a trip to this beautiful jungle resort for a peaceful vacation

Pack your bags and take a trip to this beautiful jungle resort for a peaceful vacation

Vythiri Resort 

The Vythiri Resort is an elegant and exclusive jungle getaway located in the beautiful town of Wayanad, a mountainous district situated in the northern part of Kerala, a South Indian State. The rainforest area of Wayanad is perfect for trekking and several treks are held here from time to time. You even get to visit a village of indigenous tribals who are still living the ancient way of life, go on plantation tours, participate in the Yoga and Meditation sessions or visit the tourist attractions in Wayanad.

This resort has a beautiful location, beneath a huge canopy of the tropical rainforest and in the company of amphibians, birds, fish, mammals, reptiles, flowering plants, and butterflies that are inhabitants of the Vythiri Rainforest.

The Vythiri Resort is a perfect jungle hideaway and a nature lovers paradise. The accommodations of the resort are built using the wooden rafters on the roof and parquet flooring. They are well furnished using wood and fabrics of earth colors. These accommodations are spacious, equipped with state of the art facilities and verandas that look out at the spectacular forest views.

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The accommodations at the resort range from lofty tree houses above the canopy and the slope of the hill and cottages on stilts with the stream gushing beside it, some of which are also equipped with Jacuzzis, and others with private pools. There is a rope bridge across one branch of the stream that leads up to a beautiful restaurant and a coffee shop that overlooks the swimming pool at one end and a mesmerizing forest view all around. 

The resort has various types of accommodations available ranging from villas to cottages. Some of these are:

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  1. The Honeymoon pool villa

The resort has a total of four romantic duplex villas best for couples on their honeymoon. Each of these villas has been equipped with a private swimming pool (not- heated) and a sun deck on its basement floor. The villa has a glass-floored bedroom on the floor above the basement as well as a small living room. The villas also have verandas to look out at the spectacular views of the surrounding forest area.

  1. The Treehouses

Don't you think it will be quite an experience to stay in a treehouse in the rainforest? The Resort has a total of five tree houses including one treehouse that is exclusively child-friendly. These treehouses are set above the lush canopy of the rainforest. 

The thatch roofs and the bamboo walls of these treehouses have been built by the members of indigenous tribes using the locally sourced materials. They are equipped with all the comforts and have been designed in a way to utilize the natural spring water that flows down from the hills and also uses solar energy as the source of power. The treehouse is perfect for couples and small families.

Occupancy of the treehouses: 2 Adults

The treehouse consists of the Bedroom, Bathroom, Balcony, Tea Kettle, Intercom, Guest Supplies, and Hot & Cold Water.

However, there are logistical constraints and the guests can only carry a limited amount of luggage to the treehouse. Make sure that you transfer all your personal items that are very essential for the time you stay here into a small bag that you can easily take with you and the rest of your luggage will be safely kept at the reception and the staff will hand it over to you when you check out from the treehouse.

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  1. The Pool villa

The resort also has three beautiful villas. Each of these villas is equipped with a private pool (non-heated), a bedroom, a living area, and a children's bedroom on the top floor of the villa. These villas are built beside one of the streams that flow through the property of the resort. These villas are spacious, well-furnished, and private, perfect for a family holiday.

  1. The Honeymoon Villa

The resort has six private villas equipped with large balconies overlooking the stream, a bedroom, a sunken living room, a plunge pool, and a hot water Jacuzzi fitted bath.

  1. The Vythiri Haven
These are exquisitely built cottages beside a stream, well-furnished, with spacious rooms. These cottages have been built at the end of the slope downstream. The cottages are hideaways that have been set a little apart from the general areas of the resort. These are perfect for couples and families who want a quiet and peaceful vacation with the sound of the stream and the chattering of the birds.
The Vythiri Spa

The spa here is managed by the wellness center with the combination of the traditions of Ayurveda with Aroma Therapy and modern ways of rejuvenation to heal both the body and mind. The spa menu includes a variety of classic as well as the new-age treatments along with massages, scrubs, wraps, facials, baths, manicure, and pedicure, toning, and firming. 

The Vythiri Spa also provides the guests with a fitness program and a variety of eco- friendly spa products in their boutique. When it comes to the Exotic and therapeutic Ayurveda massages, the spa uses aromatic herbal Ayurveda oil that helps in stimulating the Marmas (vital pressure points of the body). Starting with balancing the head Marmas, then the body's points are massaged with the therapist's feet and then using the hand. At last, a healing, herbal body scrub is done followed by a warm water shower. This is an amazing experience that gives a complete re-balancing of the body, mind, and spirit.

Top places to visit in Wayanad

Other than the beautiful and breathtaking views of this place, there is a long history of this town that the tourists can explore. Some  of the top attractions in Wayanad are:
  1. The Pookot Lake
The Pookot Lake is situated in a beautiful green valley surrounded by forests and wooded hills all around. It is one of the top places to see in Wayanad. It is a natural lake near Lakkidi located at a short distance off the National Highway 212, about 4 km from the Vythiri Resort.
  1. Soojipara Waterfalls
The Soojipara Waterfalls is a three-tiered waterfall that captures nature so beautifully. This place is known for rock climbing activity and the best time to visit here is from the months of June till January. 
  1. Kuruva Islands
The Kuruva Islands is the part of a group of small islets in the Kabini river.  These are located at a distance of 60 km from the Vythiri Resort. The Kuruva Island has an area of 950 acres of the evergreen forest inhabited by several species of rare birds, orchids and herbs. It is the perfect picnic spot that offers pristine views. 
  1. Chembra Peak
The Chembra Peak is located at an altitude of 2100 meters. It is situated towards the southern part of Wayanad. Adventure enthusiasts come here for mountaineering activities and Climb this peak. You can even go camping at this peak. It is located at a distance of 26 km from the Vythiri Resort.
  1. Thirunelli Temple
The Thirunelli temple is situated on the banks of the River Papanasini. It is a belief here that people can wash out their sins by immersing themselves in this water. The temple is located at a distance of 80 km from the Vythiri Resort.
  1. Wildlife Sanctuaries

Wayanad is full of wildlife sanctuaries. Some of the most commonly seen species here include Elephants, spotted deer, sloth bear, samba, and gaur. The distance of some of these wildlife sanctuaries from the Vythiri resort are given below: 

Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary - 55 km

Nagarhole Wildlife Sanctuary - 70 km

Bandipur Wildlife Sanctuary - 75 km

Muthumala Wildlife Sanctuary - 100 km

Tholpatti Wildlife Sanctuary - 70 km

  1. The Chain Tree
There is a chain that still hangs from a Banyan tree to mark the spot where a British Colonialist had killed an Adivasi tribesman.
  1. Tholpetty
The Tholpetty reserve is located along the northern ridge of Wayanad that shared a border with Coorg in Karnataka. It is located at a distance of 68 Km from the Vythiri Resort.
  1. Muthanga

Muthanga is a part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Region spread over a huge area. The place is located 18 km East of the Sultan Bathery. Muthanga is a rain forest reserve that has been connected to two of the major sanctuaries including the Bandipur National Park in Karnataka and the Mudumalai Sanctuary in Tamil Nadu. It is located at a distance of 55 Km from the Vythiri Resort.

  1. Banasura Sagar Dam
The Banasura Sagar Dam is the second-largest earth dam in the whole continent of Asia. It is the perfect starting point for treks to the Banasura Peak. It is located at a distance of 30 Km from the Vythiri Resort.
  1. Edakkal Caves

The Edakkal Caves are located at an altitude of 1000 meters above sea level. It is an ancient natural cave that exhibits ancient carvings, paintings, and inscriptions that are from the time of stone ages. It is located at a distance of 53 km from the resort.

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