Ranipuram -Trek the uncharted hills of the western ghats .

Ranipuram -Trek the uncharted hills of the western ghats .

Ranipuram is the closest hill station to Kasaragod. Enjoy the stunning views of the western forests unfolding from your luxurious soaring cabin. This lovely residence is the only accommodation option in this area. Strategically located at the start of the Ranipuram trek, the homestay provides great access to trekkers visiting these unexplored hills. Get a panoramic view of the pristine rainforest that surrounds you. Don't be surprised by taking a look at the Malabar Flying Squirrel or the Malabar Hornbill. The ears of wild elephants are regularly seen with the strange hearing bison. Embark on our guided tours and experience nature in its purest form
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Ranipuram, which is 750 meters above sea level, is also known as Ooty in Kerala. The journey takes you from Kasaragod via Poinachi to Kundamkuzhy to Ranipuram. Good roads and stadium conditions in monsoons make it ideal for early morning driving. The path full of rivers and lush landscapes takes about 1 hour 30 minutes.

Once we reached the starting point, our guide welcomed us warmly. After a basic check of our supplies like water, sandwiches, and salt (for filtering) we set off to see Ooty in Kerala. One feels blessed surrounded by acres of virgin forests like this one. With the wind in our sails, we approached a steep climb. Our guide was taking us a shorter but more difficult path.

After 10 minutes of climbing and pulling my shoes off it was reckoning time when we would go back or walk barefoot. There was only one decision to make, and as they say, the rest is history. The feeling of the soft, damp ground under your feet was so amazing I almost felt like I was starting something spiritual. The slope was steep and the road was strewn with strings. Thanks to our guide and its saltwater paste, all filtration was pushed away from us as we made our way through the dense jungle. After lunging for 45 minutes into the trek, we were over the tree line in the lush grasslands.

The view was absolutely stunning. The mere sight of the Western Ghats makes you forget the difficult climb. We take a well-deserved break and replenish our energy levels with snacks and water. Had a delicious breakfast with a breathtaking view. It took us another 20 minutes to reach the summit. At the top is a rock formation that has been eroded by wind and time.


It's a difficult climb to the top of the rock, but once you get there, the views are amazing. This feeling, letting your thoughts roam the horizon is priceless. This was a moment that reminded me of why I quit dog racing to do what I do. It is time to be in this moment, sit back and immerse yourself in beautiful surroundings.

With all of your senses working overtime and a fast heartbeat, it's a feeling of euphoria that almost feels like euphoria. It's amazing what a beautiful sight like this can do for you. Sorry if I look like a hippie, but you know what they say "You can get a guy out of a hippie, but you can never get a hippie out of a guy!" Ha ha ha. Bad joke.
 After some usual photos and a little rest, we're getting down. This time the guide took us on a longer but much easier path. On our way through this deserted bungalow in the woods, providing a great photo opportunity. Makes you wish you had a home with this view.

An impressive variety of plants and animals is also on display. Some of the fungi that grow on dead trees almost seem strange. Another 45 minutes of gentle to moderate descent and back from where we started. Time to say goodbye to our guide who was a great help and a true sport. Tired of breathing and drifting away after that journey full of fond memories and a sense of accomplishment. Climbing to the top, no matter how small, gives you the feeling of being a hero.

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