The italian island offering almost free stay and flights for visitng lates this year

The italian island offering almost free stay and flights for visitng lates this year

Sicily or Sicilia Island is one of the most densely populated islands in the Mediterranean sea. It offers sandy beaches, charming architecture, and turquoise seas.

Since the whole world is combating with the novel coronavirus. Italy is thinking about the ways and methods to regain the tourism in Sicily.

 The southern Italian island of Sicily has announced Post-Covid plans for their tourist. As Italy sees almost 13% of tourists yearly. It is offering half rate on the flights, and one-third rate on its hotel bookings. Since this time it is an all-over lockdown situation all over the world. But once the lockdown is over, Italy is one of the places that face a lot of tourist across the Globe. 

Sicily is providing free tickets to its museums and many archeological sites. 

Since the Island closed its door on 10th March 2020 and lost upward of 1 Billion Euros related to its tourism revenue. To get the vouchers and to avail of the discounts, the tourists need to visit the site once the lockdown is over and borders are on ease to restart its tourism. 

Since no exact date was given, Italy is planning to allow the restaurant chains to be reopened and starts its services from 4th May. It can also allow the construction and manufacturing sectors to start working.

From next week there can be ease seem within the country but the inter-country traveling will still be an issue as per the current scenarios.

Autumn is the prime time to visit the place but only time will tell whether this year the country will see tourists or no.
The island is full of seasons and climates, it has so many historical sites and beaches to visit, and Sicily and its surrounding island have some active volcanoes as well.

One of the reasons for its popularity is its seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Sicily.