The Olive Ridley Turtles are back for Nesting at the Shores in Odisha with the absence of people

The Olive Ridley Turtles are back for Nesting at the Shores in Odisha with the absence of people

The Coronavirus Pandemic is one of the biggest health crises of all time but it sure has been a boon for the planet Earth. 

We recently discovered that the endangered Olive Ridleys that are found in the Rushikulya rookery located in Odisha have finally returned back to their dig nests and are laying eggs. This has happened as there is no intrusion by humans and especially by tourists because of the lockdown. 

As per the Forest Department of India, more than 2,78,502 mother turtles had become a part of the day-time nesting. Since 23rd March 2020, more than 72,142 Olive Ridleys have arrived at the beach in Odisha to dig their nests and lay eggs.

As of now, there are more than 7.9 lakh turtles laying their eggs. We witnessed that the mass nesting at Gahirmatha is over by now but it is still continuing at Rushikulya. I

As per the estimates, approximately six crore eggs will be laid in 2020.


The Forest Department of India has claimed that they have seen the highest number of turtles in 2020. As per reports, every alternate year is either bad or good year. In the last two years, there has been a  surprising rise in the nesting numbers. An estimated 4.75 lakh turtles have come to nest at the Rushikulya beach this year.

The total number of turtles laying their eggs till now is over 7.9 lakh. While mass nesting at Gahirmatha is over, it is continuing at Rushikulya. It is estimated that around six crore eggs will be laid this year.

Not just this but there have been incredibly good environmental changes all over the world due to the lockdowns in wake of the rise in coronavirus cases globally. 

The air quality has become so much better in several cities of the world. In India, Delhi, Mumbai and several other cities are witnessing a "good" air quality these days.

After the lockdown in Italy, there has been improved water quality along the canals of Venice due to reduced traffic of tourists. Locals could even see fishes swimming in the canal waters. Not just that, but the dolphins are back at the Coast in Italy because of clear waters. 

In several cities, carbon dioxide emissions have reduced to good levels as all the manufacturing activities are currently closed due to lockdowns.

We are hoping that such positive things will take place more often in the coming future when life gets back to normal again.

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