Vasota Fort Trekking in 2023- A complete Itinerary

Vasota Fort Trekking in 2023- A complete Itinerary

A Vasota Fort can be observed in Satara close to Bamnoli. This fort rises around 3842 feet above sea level. Trekking in 2023 through a thick jungle the entire way up makes for an exciting experience. The spectacular surroundings that this walk offers make it every hiker's ideal journey.

The Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary's extensive valleys and forests are where the fort is located. Vasota Fort, is located on the lake's shore, is surrounded by the Shivsagar Lake on three sides.

Yes, Vasota Fort Trekking in 2023 makes a fantastic starting spot for a tour into the wilderness. The Sahyadri mountains are visible, along with the surrounding vegetation, lakes, rivers, and waterfalls. Adventures and trekking in 2023, to this area are rather common. Because there is only one path to the top of this fort—through the jungle—it is regarded as challenging. Visitors are equally as delighted by the journey there as they are by the natural grandeur that surrounds the fort. Any tourist would be mesmerized by the incredible natural majesty and charm, and they would fall in love.

History of Vasota Fort

Vasota Fort 2023

When Killedar Pant Pratinidhi was captured, Tai Telin guarded the fort. According to legend, Vasota Fort  was constructed by Bhoja II (1178–1193). In the sixteenth century, Vasota supported the Marathas, Mores, and Shrikes.

In 1655, Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj included Javli Fort in Swarajya. Because of its built-in defenses, Shivaji named this fort "Vyaghragad" (Vyaghra-meaning tiger). British forces invaded Vasota in 1818. They destroyed Chandika Mandir, Daru-kothar, and other structures while robbing people (valuables worth about 5 lakh rupees were stolen).

To learn more about the trek, its level of difficulty, and information regarding obtaining a forest permit, scroll down to the section below.

Routes: Vasota is situated south of Pune, close to Satara. From Pune, take NH 4 to Satara, which is 110 kilometers away from Pune Site. Services from the State Bus Transit travel this route often, making Satara accessible from Pune. After arriving at Satara Bus Terminal, you must travel to Bamnoli, the main village, which is around 40 kilometers away from Satara.

There are ferries that will transport you to the fort's base from Bamnoli.

You can reach the fort base to begin your walk after a one to two-hour ferry ride across the waters of Shivanagar Lake from Bamnoli. You would be charged Rs. 3000 [plus taxes] [1–12 individuals] for the ferry ride. For trekking, get a bigger party because the standard charge is Rs. 3000 for 1 to 12 people. You might encounter some captivating perspectives of the mountains around the lake along the route.

Please be aware that the boating fees shown here are for the calendar year 2018. It's possible that they have changed recently.

The Vasota Trekking in 2023 is a jungle trek, hence there are established guidelines to prevent human-animal confrontations. Approval from the forest department. To get to Vasota, one must have a permit from the Forest Department in Bamnoli. Bring some official identification with you because you'll need it to receive the permit. There isn't much of a rush, and you should do this assignment in 15 to 30 minutes.

Timings: There is a set time for visiting the fort because the surrounding woodland is a protected reserve. If you depart the fort after dark, the forest department will fine you. Therefore, kindly inquire about the times at the forest administration and follow all the instructions and guidelines

The degree of difficulty is Hard. Here are some additional helpful hints. The fort's peak can be reached after three hours of walking and needs a lot of walking. Stay with your group at all times because there are many wild creatures in the bush. Bring a large quantity of water with you because the hike will exhaust you.

By 8 am, try to arrive in Bamnoli. The trek would therefore be given adequate time. Also make sure you leave the fort before it gets dark, perhaps at 3:30 p.m. or 4:00 p.m., as it is not safe to descend at that time.

NAGESHWAR TEMPLE and BABU KADA are one among the attractions on the fort.

Information on camping: Because it is a WildLife Reserve and animals are quite active at night, the forest department will not grant you permission to camp. You can set up your campground at the camping area in the Bamnoli village next to the lake.

Important Attractions:


Koyna Wildlife Reserve


Highlights for Vasota Fort Trek:

Medium difficulty at Vasota Fort.

High degree of vasota endurance

Vasota Fort's altitude is 3614 feet.

Meeting in the base settlement of Vasota Fort 

District: Satara

Fort Base Camp: met Indavali

Region: Koyna

Climbing takes three hours in total.

Price per person: Rs. 1,999

Vasota Fort Trekking in 2023

Vasota Fort Trekking

Pickup Day

11:00 p.m. Meet at the Deccan McDonald's.

At 11:10 p.m., proceed to the base village.

11:30 pm Pickup at Chandni Chowk.

12:00 am at Katraj Chowk for pickups.

Day 1

04:30 am Arrive in Bamnoli and take a nap on the bus.

6:00 am Get dressed.

Breakfast and introductions start at 6:30.

07:30 am Start the boat voyage towards Met Indavali after the process is finished.

10:00 am Arrive at Met Indavali and begin climbing.

01:00 pm Get to the top of Vasota Fort and tour the fort.

02:00 pm Lunch. (Brought lunch)

02:30 pm begin to journey

05:00 pm Reach out at Met Indavali and begin the boat ride back to Bamnoli.

Meet Bamnoli at the campground at 630 p.m.

07:00 pm Start your trip back to Pune.

11:30 pm Arrival time in Pune

What to Bring with You:

Vasota Fort Trek

  • 2.3 liters of water
  • Facial cleansing mask
  • A good flashlight should have a spare battery.
  • On a trek, trekking shoes offer more comfort and grip.
  • Suitable backpack (No side bag or jholas)
  • Several dried fruits, dry snacks, energy bars, and prepared foods
  • Packets of Glucon D, ORS, Tang, and Water
  • Sunscreen and a sun hat.
  • Personal medical care and first aid.
  • Added Clothing.
  • Identity Validation.
  • Please protect yourself from the hot sun, thorns, insects, and prickles by wearing full arms and full tracksuit pants.

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