Volcano erupts in Iceland after remaining inactive for 900 years

Volcano erupts in Iceland after remaining inactive for 900 years

A volcano erupted in Iceland after remaining inactive for 900 years. Since then the eruption near Iceland's capital, Reykjavik, has received a lot of attention. The volcano is located just 40 km from the city and has been inactive for a really long period of time. Geologists suspect volcanic activity in the area after more than 50,000 earthquakes have occurred here in the past 15 months. As a result of the explosion, the sky turned red when 300,000 cubic meters of lava were visible from the ground during the eruption.


Iceland is known for its active volcanoes and there are currently about 32 active volcanic systems in the country. The last volcanic eruption was caused by plate displacement in the area. The volcano can be reached on foot in 90 minutes and people tried to get to the area to see this natural phenomenon. However, they were advised not to get too close to the lava for obvious reasons. Fortunately, the lava was stuck in the valley, and the volcanic eruption posed no threat to the inhabitants.

One of the biggest hazards during such an explosion is the release of sulfur dioxide, which can be dangerous and sometimes deadly. Rescue operations continued after many people encountered difficulties returning to the city.

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