Wonderland Jalandhar Ticket Price & All Other Things to Know before Visiting

Wonderland Jalandhar Ticket Price & All Other Things to Know before Visiting

Wonderland of Jalandhar

The Punjabi city of Jalandhar is home to the entertainment and splash park known as Wonderland. It is situated on Nakadar Road, which follows Wadala Chowk and is 6 kilometers from the bus station in Jalandhar. The park serves as a nexus for its attractions, waterpark, dining area, entertainment, and retail space. It is spread out across an area of 11 acres, and its swimming pool and watery dance floor, which tunes Punjabi pop tunes, excite its guests. The shopping mall is a go-to place for kids' funny toys and adult goods.

Punjab Wonderland

Below are the things you should know before Visiting this amazing Wonderland in Jalandhar:

Wonderland's schedule

The park is open between 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM for the Dry Park and from 12:00 PM to 8:00 PM for the Water Park. Every day of the week, the park is viewable.

Wonderland Jalandhar Ticket Pricing:

Ticket Price of Wonderland

Children under 3 feet tall can enter for free. The park offers a number of bundles in the form of passes for anyone over 3 feet tall. A yearly pass is available for INR 1,200 per person. Any season of the year, the user is permitted two entries into the park. The entrance ticket price of Wonderland in Jalandhar Pricing for both dry and aqua thrills is INR 950 for the Economy Combo. The Dry Park, on the other hand, charges INR 850 and offers only dry rides with endless pleasure. Depending on the number and age of pupils, the school package for visitors or local students ranges from INR 350 to INR 750.

Students in the kindergarten to second grades cost INR 350 each.

INR 750 per student if there are fewer than 100 students.

INR 710 per student, between 100 and 250 students

700 INR per student between 250 and 350 students

INR 670 per student for groups larger than 350 students

Dry Park

Kids, couples, and families can have a pleasant and entertaining experience at the dry park. Dry Park's attractions include:

Ferry Ride

A built-in lake that is accessible to children, families, and couples makes the boating excursion at Wonderland an exciting one. At night, it transforms into a fun-filled yet romantic experience for couples.

Break Dance

The attraction contains chairs with slightly crazy construction that revolve from the bottom up. Families can enjoy the voyage together.


Horses for kids to ride on and tiny buildings erected in between for adults to ride in are both part of this spinning complex.


The Frisbee consists of a revolving disc with seating in the center. The journey may be described as thrilling and dangerous.

House of Horror

The horror house's creepy atmosphere is intended to frighten even hardy souls.

Dinosaur Coaster

With its twists and turns, this little roller coaster ride will make your heart race and make you feel as though you're in Jurassic World.


This attraction resembles paragliding by having seats hooked to it and a glider-style roof. It is also known as a parachute ride or an umbrella ride.

Swing Chairs 

Swing Chairs are chairs that can swing back and forth in relation to a spinning pillar. The idea behind it is to simulate flight.


The vortex's visually rotated cylindrical construction with a channel at the center that people can walk through makes their eyes roll.

Amazing Splash

With Wonder Splash, guests may enjoy the rush of water slides. Visitors can enjoy the rush of a water slide with Wonder Splash.


Families can enjoy short joy rides that resemble miniature trains on the Hill Queen, Humpty Dumpty, and Rambo Train while the Bumper Cars and Roller Coaster speed up the heartbeat. Children can have more entertaining experiences at the PlayHouse.

Aquatic Park

The Water Rides with its water activities make the entire experience even more exciting because the enjoyment of Dry Park is only available on dry land. Rides include:

Swimming Pool

Overlapping twisting and curving slides, water toys, and built-in structures make the water adventure more captivating.

On the Bay

Bayside was made with leisure, sunbathing, and dancing in mind.

Monkey's Bucket

The Monkey's Bucket is a square that mimics a waterfall, and individuals standing below it leap and spray water at one another.

Marvel Fall

These artificial waterfalls have pools of water that drip down from a rocky environment that is steep.


Other colorful rides include the Huge and Speedy Slide, Kids Slide, Slides Landing Pool, and Swimming Pool.

Food Services:

Food Court of Wonderland in Jalandhar

After an energetic and crazy day of excitement, the Banquet Hall, Indoor Restaurant, Open Air Restaurant, and Water Park Food Stalls, all serve delicious food, whether it be Punjabi or not.

Attempting to Visit Wonderland

Visit to an amusement park in Jalandhar

Wonderland is more accessible because it is located in the city's most desirable area. Saheed Bhagat Singh Intercity Bus Terminal, located 9 km from the city, is the closest bus terminal that is accessible. Taxis and automobiles can go this distance in 22 minutes. Amrik Nagar is 8 km from the nearest train station; this distance can be traveled by bus, vehicle, or private cab. The Sri Guru Ram Das Jee Airport, which is 86 kilometers away from the city of Jalandhar, is the closest airport. From the airport, it is simple to take a private cab to get to Wonderland.

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