Prayer for the departed soul

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As, nowadays we all keep fighting against the deadly virus, and it proves that the human race has never realized the cost of destroying the ecological harmony of our mother earth, now is the time to introspect.
Here, We should all share a moment of gratitude in solidarity with those who have lost their lives, for their impeccable courage to fight for life due to the ruthless of pandemic disease.
Also, big salutes to all the people who are working tirelessly to keep us safe, to keep us alive.

Please come together and stay safe and healthy.

Thank you for your contributation. Share this with your friends and family


By : zFPWdwPk , Argentina

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By : Olivia Evans , Russia

Wherever you Are, Whoever you Are, i Love You. Thank You for all your contributions to Bring the Light and Be One again. We are Ethernal and unstoppable. We came here b choice knowing the risks and I will honor your efforts with good actions, faith and bring beauty in and around me. Thank You God for giving us the chance to Shine ever single day, thank you Nature for all the pure air, food and water you give us so generously, I am so deeply sorry for all the wrong doings that humanity commits against you and therefore itsef. Soon he Heart of Man will Rise Again and Heal ALL

By : Laurent Verpeaux , France

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May the Lord be with them

By : Jack M , Armenia

Near and Dear is missing RIP & the living one stay safe and make surrounding safe.... most important think is please enjoy every single sec of life because it too short, what will happen in next minute we don't know but planning is for year... with lots of love... your friend, Nazeer Ahmed

By : Nazeer Ahmed , Saudi Arabia

Dear Corona warriors your dedication towards such pathetic situation India going through is unpayable. You all are fighting like superheroes i can see real avengers and real heroes on Nation No duty is more important and urgent than that of returning thanks.

By : krishna , India

Let's come to prey for those dedly person whose killed by CORONA❄

By : Anamika Saxena , India

You didn't die a natural death. You all were warriors! Who flighted till the last breath. RIP

By : GAURAV , India

Rest in peace to all superheroes...

By : Hina , India

A big salute to all the departed soul

By : juhi saxena , India