Amazing Things to Do in Bali- Ngtraveller

Amazing Things to Do in Bali- Ngtraveller

Bali is crazy, Bali is a witch. An ideal tourist spot, Bali has everything you need to be a dream destination. A small geographically diverse location, a small population of vibrant culture, and a beautiful and wonderful place of friendly and friendly people, Bali has always held top marks for the best destinations in Southeast Asia. Called a tropical paradise, Bali has magical sites, exotic temples, beautiful beaches, and some of the most incredible food and cuisine. Can anyone ask for more? Perhaps if you are still scratching your head as to what to expect from such a great language, here is our list of top amazing things to do in Bali. 

Tighten your seatbelt and get ready for a fun ride to some of the most famous and unforgettable parties of your life. Get ready, because Bali is waiting for you.

Visit the Butterfly Park

The Butterfly Garden or Taman Kupu Kupu is basically an insect conservation park, spread over a vast area of 3,000 square kilometers and located in the town of Wanasari, about 30 km northwest of Denpasir. The largest facility of its kind located in Asia, the park offers a wonderful educational and exploratory tour for children and adults where they can witness different stages of the life cycle of different insects.

The garden contains a large collection of butterflies in different colors and patterns. In addition, other exotic species of other insects can also be found such as rhinoceros beetle, leaf bugs, common bird wing, Bali peacock, bird of paradise wing, hairy spiders and scorpions, etc. The park was opened in 1993, after an international butterfly conference. who decided to protect and preserve Indonesia's rich diversity of insects and promote environmental awareness and awareness among children. It is a destination frequently visited by tourists traveling to the northern regions through Tabanan.

Take a Stroll through the Rice Fields

Bali has lovely fields that look so rich and beautiful, in all their cinematic splendor. Among them, Jatiluwih and Tegallalang are particularly attractive. These two people are in the same area and can be easily reached if one of them lives in Ubud. The site offers peace and serenity to visitors whose eyes meet the pristine vegetation and landscapes wherever they are. Farmers practice tiered farming, a tradition passed down to them long ago.

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Accompanying this astonishing spectacle is a small town called Pakuduy where one will find simple-hearted villagers practicing a charming form of woodwork, as well as many other carvings. Most of the villagers are skilled craftsmen who practice making various types of carvings through a technique that has been passed down from generation to generation. In addition to the beautiful images, tourists can buy charming little souvenirs that they can buy by walking through the streets of the village.

Explore the Temples

Temples in Bali are everywhere and many of them are simply amazing. Some of these buildings like The Tanah Lot, Ulun Danu and Taman Ayaun were built in the 17th century (other temples are older than that) and they look simply beautiful with their exquisite carvings and great architecture.

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There are around 20,000 temples throughout the island and, while it is impossible to visit them all, you can visit many, especially those that are close to each other. Pura Temple (which means temple in Bali) The Besakih Temple is the most revered temple in Bali and is known as the "Mother Temple". Other important temples that tourists may find amazing are Tirta Empul, Pura Luhur Lempuyang, Goa Gajah, Pura Luhur Uluwatu, etc.

Walk through Monkey Forest

This is basically an adventurous journey through an impressive stretch of forest famous for the infamous monkeys, but at the same time an important sacred destination. The jungle is located in Ubud, and hundreds of tourists visit it every day even when there are incidents of being attacked, bitten or robbed by these monkeys.

However, people consider this forest area to be sacred and generally shows the harmonious presence of man with nature. In addition, the area is an important site for conducting research and conservation programs. The forest is also home to three temples, but access to it is prohibited for tourists, except for those who wish to come to pray, dressed appropriately in Balinese prayer clothes.

See a Kecak Trance Ceremony

Balinese culture is rich in exotic traditions and folklore, and it is very likely that during your travels you will come across some cultural performances that showcase the fascinating legacy and include masks, mythical narratives, and cultural dances. Among these performances, Kecak Trance Dance is particularly attractive due to its unique and surprising rituals.

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This dance is also called the Ramayana monkey song, and it is performed by at least 150 artists who wear a special type of clothing and sing "cak" and represent battle scenes from the Ramayana. It looks like a kind of trance that generates an exorcism dance and seems especially mysterious and confusing, but it definitely deserves to be seen by tourists at least once.

Attend a Buffalo Race in Negara

This is kind of a one-time Grand Prix race, not for cars, but surprisingly for buffalo. This traditional race, which has been organized for generations, is one of the main attractions in Bali. Initially started as a kind of transformative sport for farmers, racing quickly gained cult status, generating a lot of excitement among the locals. With its popularity and the craziness it generates, professional jockeys, people who run bulls, have entered the arena.

During large events, such as the famous Governor's Race, up to 300 pairs of bulls can participate. The atmosphere is charged with a lot of emotion that turns hysterical as the jegog player adds to the hype. During Indonesian Independence Day, these races become particularly attractive with bulls adorned with colored stickers and adorned with exquisite ornaments. Today, many international tourists can be seen cheering on the participants of the place.