These days popularity of tree house cottages and mud house cottages is growing exponentially, with a copious booking websites offering accommodation in these cottages. Treehouse is an elevated area built ontrunkorbranchesof trees which are generally strong. It is a platform or building constructed around, next to or among the trunk or branches of one or more mature trees while above ground level. These houses can be used for recreation and sightseeing. Now the tree house cottages are set amidst the beauty of nature, surrounded by the scenic view of the mountains or forests. Individual kitchens can be provided in every cottage. You can enjoy breakfast in the comfort of your rooms! Apart from these facilities, you can also avail various other expensive or affordable categories of cottages such as the mud house. These mud houses are built of different kinds of soils. Mudis mixed with straw or rice paddy husks to build strength.These houses are built out of the materials which are found locally and in terms of rejuvenation they have all the indispensable amenities that a tourist cares for. They have ample space in a mud house in which tourists can perform the activities which they enjoy, like, writing, singing, playing music etc. Since the mid-1990s, recreational tree houses have registered a growth in their popularity in countries like the United States and Europe.This has been due to improveddisposable income, superior technology for the people involved in construction and an amplified curiosity towardsenvironmental issues and predominantlysustainable livelihood. This embryonic acknowledgement is also an outcome of the growth of social media, various tourism websites and many documentaries specially devoted to marking noteworthy tree houses across the world.TREE HOUSE COTTAGESIn recent years tourism has made tremendous progress but one thing to be noticed is that hospitality industry has adopted various innovative ideas for almost all categories of travellers, especially based on their preferences, age, income and temperament. This tendency has given rise to experiential travel which the adventurous travellers want to enjoy. They are also experiencing a transition in their tastes and preferences towards star-rated hotels and resorts available in the jungle safaris on heavy discounts and offers. This is due to the advent of a tree house and mud house cottages.Travel agents and tour operators are also observing the shift in the attitude of the people to experience the specialty of a destination from the jungles of Kanha-Kisli, to the backwaters of south and the hills and mountains of north or north-east, to have a real-life experience of the destinations they visit.Among the increasingly popular trends with new-age travelers are staying in a jungle lodge, walking in a jungle safari, dwelling in a tribal locale or abscond camping are the ways to relax, replicate and to craft. You can meditate, read, write, sleep, chant, pay attention to the breeze, fantasize and practice peace. Now, if you want to experience the serenity of riverside and sky-scraping mountains along with the natural beauty of the destination, then you should once grab the opportunity to visit these tree or mud house cottages at some holiday destination with natural beauty in abundance.If you are one of those who love to do things differently, seek adventure and are ready to face challenges then be ready to discover and book your favourite tree housecottages and mud huts, which suit your budget. You can also pair your hang about with exciting activities like sports, wildlife safaris, water games and many more.