The ultimate travel bucket list: 10 things to do in your lifetime

The ultimate travel bucket list: 10 things to do in your lifetime

There are so many spectacular sights offered by the world that even a lifetime will never be enough to explore it all. There are incredible destinations across the globe which must be ticked off your bucket list before it is too late. Do not dream of what might have been, just make it happen. If you have no travel plans, pick one of the bucket list items recommended here and just go for it.

  1. Watch the Northern lights:

    This tops my bucket list. The Northern Lights are the biggest and most spectacular display of the nature. It occurs in the Arctic Region and no amount of pictures can do justice to the beauty of the lights. It is a surreal experience; you need to see it to believe it. The beauty of the multicolored show in the night sky will remain with you as long as you live.

  2. Trek to Machu Picchu:

    If you are an adventure enthusiast, you already know about this. When it comes to visitor numbers and broad appeal, there is no other site in the South American region that comes close to Machu Picchu. Even if you are not into hiking, you will enjoy the sheer beauty of this place with the right approach and planning.

  3. Angkor Wat:

    Cambodias most beloved and preserved temple, Angkor Wat is a 500 acre site and is the largest in the world. It is a Hindu place of worship and is thought of as a replica of the Universe. The structure lies at the heart of the Angkor Archeological site and attracts thousands of tourists across the year.

  4. Visit the Grand Canyon:

    You will be in awe when you see the Grand Canyon for the first time. Do not underestimate this natural wonder of the world. It lies in the high desert of North Arizona and offers the most breathtaking sites you will ever experience.

  5. Dive the Great Barrier Reef:

    The Great Barrier Reef is also rated as one of the Seven Wonders of the World and has been described with many superlatives. It stretches through 2,300 km along the Queensland Coast. It is the planets largest protected area and has the worlds largest ecosystem. There are more than 400 types of corals and 1,500 species of fishes in the reef.

  6. Step on Antarctica:

    This frozen continent has never been occupied by man. It has aroused curiosity amongst travelers who are dying to set foot on the untamed land. The only time to visit the land is from November to March. There is no habitation, no towns and no villages, just grand ice.

  7. Great Wall of China:

    China is known for the great wall which has separated it from the rest of the world. The Great Wall of China is made from brick, stone, tampered earth and wood. You can explore the wall through various means. It is an enormous wall that gives a mesmerizing view.

  8. See the wildlife of Namibia:

    If you are a wildlife enthusiast, you must have ticked this off your bucket list. For those who havent, Namibia has the most exceptional wildlife. It includes a quarter of the worlds cheetahs and the popular Black Rhino. There is a well laid out network of parks, reserves and safaris which make it an ideal destination to discover exotic wildlife.

  9. Chiles Atacama Desert:

    Visit the driest place on Earth at the Atacama desert in Chile. It has no greenery, cities or population. The setting is inspiring and ideal for photography enthusiasts. It also has the worlds foremost stargazing centers that take advantage of the clear sky and clean air.

  10. French Polynesia:

    You will discover your little paradise on this beautiful land. It maybe the night sky filled with stars or the blue lagoon, every visitor to this tropical island agrees that it is paradise indeed. There are various water adventure activities for you to indulge in when you are not soaking the beautiful view of the paradise land.

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