All you need to know about Travel Credit Cards!

All you need to know about Travel Credit Cards!

Travel Credit Cards

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Travelling is always an exciting plan. You travel alone or with your friends or family to meet new people learn about new cultures and enjoy new places. You also get to taste newer food variants. All this put together has made travel a very popular passion. But the only constraint in travel is the finance or the cost of travel. Apart from this you also have to manage the expenditure on travel so that you can enjoy all the places with no compromise. How cool would it be if you get exciting offers on your travels and tours? Here is all you need to know about travel credit cards, how they help you with your travel and cut off your expenses.
What are travel credit cards?

Travelling is always considered a costly affair. But it is not so. When you get cool offers for traveling, then traveling could also turn simple. Travel credit cards are the perks you get for traveling. You can these credit cards by paying an annual subscription. And for every travel you make, these cards get graded up with points which you can redeem on your next travel.

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Types of travel cards


Co-branded cards are usually the result of a tie-up with an airline or a particular chain of restaurants. In such cases, your points are worthy or can be redeemed only in those particular brands. Go with co-branded travel credit cards, just in case you are comfortable with the brand. Also, check if the particular brand is available worldwide so can use it up when you travel anywhere. General travel credit cards could be redeemed anywhere. This widens your options to stay and travel. Most people prefer general travel credit cards rather than the branded ones. A general credit card is more suitable for people who travel abroad frequently. Choose your travel credit cards based on your needs and do not hesitate to know all the information on the card before you purchase it.
What to look for

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The subscription fee is the basic investment you make on the travel credit card. Every customer has to pay this ignorer to purchase a travel credit card. A few banks provide offers on the annual subscription if you already own an account with the same bank. You can check out these offers and make optimum use of them. APR is the Annual Percentage Rate. This is levied upon the amount you spend using your Travel credit card. Consumers lookout for travel credit cards with a minimum APR. This can save your cost and also help you gain the advantages of the travel credit cards. Cool isnt it? Banks usually charge an Annual Percentage Rate of about 18% or above. This again varies from bank to bank and also from customer to customer. Read more: Travel Hacks That Will Save You Money
The Points
Each bank provides a particular name to the point it rewards. This may be called as Miles or Air Miles or Points. Look for brands that give you the most awards for every amount you spend. This can increase the number of points you gain and can also help you receive maximum rewards in Return. There are possibilities that you may end up with a fee waiver in your card subscription. This is also given by certain banks to their preferred customers. Apart from this check for the global usage of the card. If you are expecting to make international travels then make sure the card is valued worldwide. This is because certain cards charge about 3 percent for the purchases you make out of the country. This is one major disadvantage. Learn about the purpose of the card precisely before choosing it. There are certain brands of cards that welcome the customer with a welcome gift. On making a small booking or purchase within the stipulated time you become eligible for this welcome bonus. This is another cool perk that travel credit cards give you. Read more:6 apps that will make your travel a lot easier! Before you buy a travel credit card make sure you understand the terms and conditions that the brands offer. Also, ensure that the offers they put up a match with your requirements and could be of use to you. Make a complete analysis of the various brands that are available in the market and the perks they offer. Get the ones that are flexible for your use. Look out for reviews of each brand. This can help you select the best one for your use. Do not hesitate to clarify any doubts regarding the travel credit cards you are about to purchase. You are about to use the card that you pick lifelong. Make sure that you invest it with the right people who let you travel with ease. Also, look for extra benefits like spaces in Luxury lounges at the airport. This can again be of help in some situations. Choose your card and choose it wise for a happy travel experience.