Information You Need to Know about India to Thailand Road Trip

Information You Need to Know about India to Thailand Road Trip

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If you are among the people who always love to travel across the countries and States, then the route from India to Thailand will be an ongoing thing for you. Often, everyone has to go through the air-route (with flights) for reaching Thailand from India. Now, it is possible for people to have a very marvelous road trip from India to Thailand. Being a travel lover, you may have some excitement to check out for better information about entire India to Thailand trip. Maybe, you will feel surprised after hearing that it is going to become possible for travelers to reach Thailand from India by using the roads. Through the India-Myanmar-Thailand Trilateral Highway, this road trip dream can become true for you. The dreams of connecting India to Thailand via roads can turn out to be true soon as the Myawaddy-Thinggan Nyenaung-Kawkareik Route is functional.

Basics about India to Thailand Road Trip

Asian highway number 1 is going to connect India and Thailand from Myanmar and this entire route is functional now. Perhaps you already admire that Thailand is a very popular travel destination for Indians to travel with their family and have some memorable moment. This is why people want to know everything about a special road trip. Hence, it can be a memorable India to Thailand trip for everyone.
Key highlights of the Route
In the year 2012, the Thailand government has supported the construction of this Asian highway. The mentioned section is a 25.6 km long track. On one occasion this trilateral Highway is finally serviceable, it will decrease the tour time linking Thinggan Nyenaung and Kawkareik from 3 hours to just 45 minutes. Your India to Thailand trip can become highly memorable if you follow the rules and regulations formatted by the legal authorities.
What you should have while visiting Thailand from India via Roads?
First of all, you have to introduce yourself with the entire tour that you are up to experience. Once you become familiar with India to Thailand road trip tour, you can think about the important documents which you have to carry. One should always carry a few recent photographs as well as the completely filled visa application form. This is really an important thing that may help you in India to Thailand road trip. In addition, you cannot afford to forget about the valid passport and travel documents while going for this trip. Likewise, you will have to carry emergency cash in order to provide the road tax as well as this is going to help you in some emergency situations throughout the tour. Myanmar Kyat is the cash that you will be using in Myanmar once you reach there. You can enjoy every moment of your India to Thailand trip.
List of documents you must carry
After having some basic information about India to Thailand road trip now this is the best time for you to be familiar with the list of documents you need for this tour. If you want to ruin the problems that you can face just because of some documents, its important for you to know which kind of documents you will actually need to enjoy your trip without having the stress. Lets take a glimpse of documents required: Anyone who wants to be on this tour should carry a valid passport as well as a visa application form. In addition, passport size color photographs required and remember that your photos should not be older than three months. For additional security, you can take photocopies of your credit card and the last six-month report from your bank alongside original Bank seal. When youre ready to go on a Thailand trip through the roads, its important for you to collect the mentioned documents as soon as you can. According to some experts and popular platforms, you must carry the least balance of Indian National Rupees 20,000 per individual. At the moment, you have better information about the list of documents you will need for enjoying your India to Thailand road trip without facing any problem. Also read:-Indians can now travel Easy to Thailand with No Visa on Arrival Cost