Aminabad Market of Lucknow- Things to know about this Famous Market

Aminabad Market of Lucknow- Things to know about this Famous Market

Exploring Aminabad Market

One of the most well-known markets is Aminabad Market, which is situated in Lucknow, the city of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. The market is well known for offering affordable pricing on Indian wedding costumes, books, normal knick-Knack, and jewelry. Sir Lutouche himself opened the reconstructed Aminabad in 1911.

Aminabad, a lively market in the center of Lucknow city, which is approximately 1.5 kilometers from Lucknow Junction. It is one of the main Bazar in Uttar Pradesh and a popular destination for shoppers in Lucknow.

Since the tenure of the Nawabs of Awadh, Aminabad Market of Lucknow is the busiest market. Aminabad is frequently similar to Delhi's lively Chandni Chowk since it consists of a variety of markets, communities of homes, and office buildings. Both retailers and wholesale trade is conducted by the merchants and stores.

What to purchase from Aminabad Market?

Chikankaari Lucknawi kurta

Purchasing the gorgeous Lucknawi chikankaari clothing at the market is a wise decision. Other affordable clothing lines may be found here in addition to the beautiful chikan handmade textiles, which include kurtas, dupattas, dress materials, and bridal wear. The best prices on lovely ornaments and reasonably priced jewelry might be purchased here. The following stores are among the best known: Om Prakash Seth, Madan Sarees, Dupatta Mahal, Sargodha Cloth House, Sri Keshav Handloom, and Keshav Decor. Like any other street market, Aminabad needs skillful negotiating and dealing while purchasing.

In addition, Aminabad Market is renowned for the large range of food booths and cafés there that provide anything from flatbread and meat rolls to kebabs and biryanis.

What is the Timing of Aminabad Market

The Aminabad Market is open from 9:00 a.m. in the morning till 10:00 p.m. in the evening. It is important to note that the market remains closed on Thursdays.

What is the Entry Fees of Aminabad Market?

There is No Entry Fees in entrying the Aminabad Market.

Places to visit in Aminabad Bazaar

Indra Kulfi

Indra kulfi in lucknow

This store deserves to be mentioned separately because it has been open for 50 years. Since that time, the employees of this store have been making kulfi, an ice cream-like treat, in a sizable earthen pot.

The legendary Shree Prakash Chandara Arora opened the store in 1965. The eatery always has a large line of people wanting to sample their kulfi, making it difficult to get a tasting. Once you're inside, stuck into the kulfi and falooda that are both provided here. What a flavor!

Daily Kababi

Kebabs in Lucknow

In all of Lucknow, this restaurant, which is run by Mohammed Usman, is a must-visit destination. His grandpa founded this eatery in 1905, and it has since become famous for its mutton and chicken Galaouti kebabs.

The word "Tunde," which in Urdu means "without an arm or handicapped," was derived from the shop's real owner, who was disabled. Because of the original shop's and dish's popularity, numerous Lucknow restaurants started serving it. However, Original ki toh baat hi kuch alag hai even today! Additionally, the original is located at Aminabad.

There are many other stores selling a variety of goods in this area in addition to these two. If you are an expert negotiator, you can also get an outstanding deal from them.

You may discover anything here, including nawabi juttis, bridal outfits, stationery, and chikankari kurtis. Don't forget to have a peek at those stunning and vibrant Chikankari sarees as well!

The market is also packed with other street eateries that won't break the bank but still have great food so you'll want to return.


Aminabad Market

A small, distinct area known as Garabarjhala is located within this packed market. The selection of jewelry in this tiny market within the Aminabad market is remarkable. The market has undoubtedly been in existence for decades despite having no background.

You'll understand why Lucknow residents prefer to wear jewelry after taking a stroll through this area. The majority of the antique designs are kept there and are not present in any other small or large markets in other towns.

As a result, you cannot finish your vacation to Aminabad without doing your bulk shopping here. You can visit Lucknow at any time of the day and observe the city's compulsive shoppers acting out of control.

The oldest portion of a city must be visited if you are serious about learning about its history and culture. similar to Aminabad in Lucknow!

Interesting Information about Aminabad Market 

Along with Nakhas and Hazratganj, Aminabad Market is one of the city of Lucknow's oldest market districts.

This market is thought to have a significant impact on how well a variety of demands are met by consumers.

This market has existed for almost 165 years. Clothing, chikan embroidery, spices, dry snacks, hosiery, and wedding decorations are the principal commodities traded.

Many food and beverage establishments in Aminabad carry major names like Tunde Kebab, Dwivedi Sarai, Prakash Kulfi, and Matbadal Pansari.

How to Reach to Aminabad Market

By Road: You may find it easier to travel here because autos and rickshaws frequently run through the area.

By Rail: Aminabad Bazar Lucknow is 3 kilometers from Lucknow Railway Station, and you can take a car from there.

By Bus: You may board a bus easily from Kaiserbagh Bus Station, which is 1 km away from Aminabad.

From the Aminabad metro station, which is close to the market, you may easily travel anywhere.

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