Armenia - The Perfect Adventure Destination

Armenia - The Perfect Adventure Destination

If You like to live it extreme on your travel journeys- visit Armenia! Armenia has been listed as not only a historical and cultural, but alsoextreme touristiccountry by the ?National Geographic Traveler?. Apart from adventure sports it has some exquisite locations and the most popular amongst them is the capital city Yerevan. Thousands of people from all over the world visit Armenia every year. Lets have a look what are the most popular and worth seeing places you can visit here-

Republic Square

It is one of the most beautiful squares in the world and is located in Yerevan. The Republic square is a depiction of the rich architectural culture of Armenia with magnificently designed museums and government houses. This square truly speaks of the national richness of Armenia. Apart from the great architecture, Yerevans Republic Square is well-known for having the singing fountains. These fountains are unique as they mix classical and other tasteful pieces of music with carefully programmed movements of the fountains.You cant miss to see this magic.

The Cascade

Cascade is the most happening place in Yerevan. All the live music concerts are held here and every evening you will see the youngsters enjoying and drinking along with music. Cascade is all about modern art and to watch this ancient monument and enjoy its beauty and details brings in a sense of peace and calmness. Cascade has several floors, as it may appear to be and on each storey, the building exposes distinguishing pieces of art and conveys a unique mood.

Lake Sevan

It is a fresh water lake that extends vastly. It is not just a lake; it has sand beaches for you to relax and the Sevanavank Monastery has 2 stone churches dating to the 9th century. There are fortress and memorials for you to explore here. After enjoying the peppy night life of Armenia this is a perfect place to relax and enjoy.Armenia has 4 UNESCO World Heritage sites that you must surely visit- Monasteries ofHaghpatandSanahin, The Cathedral and Churches ofEchmiadzinand the Archaeological Site ofZvartnots and the Monastery ofGeghardand the UpperAzat Valley.Adventure and Thrill- Armenia offers you with a lot if adventure sports like
  1. Off- Road driving- If you are not the conventional types and love to explore the unexplored nature and culture, you must go for the off road driving in Armenia. It is a thrilling and unforgettable outdoor adventure. The jeep tours and the off road driving will take you to the wild and unexplored terrain of Armenia. The adrenaline rush that you feel while the jeep is in full throttle, gives way to the adventurous you. Tour packages are available for not only individuals, but also for big groups, accompanied by professional drivers and guides. Armenia has vast and beautiful nature scenes, and the off road adventure takes you a step closer to it.
  2. Hot Air Ballooning- The stunning Armenian landscapes are skillfully settled forhot-air ballooning providing an awe-inspiring scenery and exceptional experience to the explorers. During your flight you will feel the butterflies in the stomach and get a fantastic birds eye view of the magnificent mountains. Once you step in the balloon, you can completely relax as youre in reliable hands. You dont have to panic or worry; there are trained guides to make your adventure worth the while. If parachuting and paragliding are way too extreme for you, this is an activity that is much safer and pleasing for you.
  3. Zip- Lining- All over Armenia, zip-lining activities are available in Yenokavan (Yell Extreme Park),Tsaghkadzor, and Dilijan (Lake Parz Extreme Park). Zip-lining is not for the weak hearted, but for those that believe in extreme adventures. Although you will not be alone but under the supervision of trained guides.
Yell Extreme Park in Yenokavan has the biggest offering for extreme sports. Yell Extreme Park presently has 5 different zip-lines that vary in the length. The shortest line is 135 meters long, while the longest one is 750 meters. The canyons and gorges that lie below the zip lines are about 200-300 meters high and that is what makes it so thrilling.Zip-lining in Armenia is available all year round. Do not miss this adventure ride.