Bans foreign arrivals at Jakarta airport after surge in COVID cases

Bans foreign arrivals at Jakarta airport after surge in COVID cases

There is currently an increase in the number of COVID-19 cases in Indonesia, for which the Omicron version of the virus has been blamed. The country has decided to temporarily ban the entry of international tourists from Jakarta airport into the country.

The Ministry of Transport has approved the decision to ban the entry of foreign travelers into Jakarta, suggesting an increase in cowardice. A total of 36,000 infections were reported in the country on Sunday, with the hospital business in Jakarta reaching 63 per cent.

Almost two years later, Bali recently welcomed its first international flight. The new rules also apply to foreign tourists and Indonesians traveling abroad for holidays.

However, foreign travelers can still arrive at Bali Airport, Base Airport, and Tanjing Penang Airport on Riyaz Island. It should also be noted that a curfew is in force in Jakarta at this time from midnight to 4 am. The increase is expected by the end of February.

Bali, on the other hand, opened its doors to foreign tourists from 19 countries in October last year.

Indonesia is a major tourist attraction in Asia and Bali is a major tourist attraction. Bali is famous for its wonderfully beautiful beaches and rich culture and heritage. With the increase in the number of Covid cases in the capital, the country is now cautiously moving towards tourism.

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