Belgium has got coolest and funniest passport in the world

Belgium has got coolest and funniest passport in the world

Passports are many things, from the strongest to the fanciest even the weakest. But have you ever heard of the funniest passport in the world? Belgium got it recently. The country has issued a new passport on January 27, 2022 that have your favorite cartoon characters.

This passport will be available to the public from February 7, 2022, so some have called it the best and some the most stupid. All new passports come with Belgium's most recognizable Belgian characters printed on its pages. So you have tons of characters like Tintin, The Smurfs, Lucky Luke, Mortimer.

Belgium's Foreign Minister Sophie Wilmes said in a statement that the new passports are more secure and come with new privatization techniques. The new passport "will be recognized as one of the jewels of our culture, an original design that honors the hero and heroine of a comedy strip," she said.

The Minister would like to thank the publishers, editors and rights holders of these comedians who contributed to this project of providing new and interesting passports.Like the traditional design, the new passport arrived in Burgundy, the passport being written in four languages: the European Union, the Kingdom of Belgium and Dutch, German, French and English.

Passport holders will see red and white certified rockets from the start. The Destination Moon Sign, Tintin's Comic Book.

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