8 Best Indian Beer brands You Must Try To Make Your Weekend Great

8 Best Indian Beer brands You Must Try To Make Your Weekend Great

India's love of beer has really developed over time. Now the focus has shifted from solid to well done, and many companies are doing it right. Here are the best Indian beer brands you must try to make your weekend great.

1. Simba beer
A small but serious local beer, Simba has rave reviews from everyone. They have a strict focus on quality ingredients, and we're happy to have some serious beer players in the game.

Simba Beer

2. Kotsberg beer
There is not much information on this beer, but suffice it to say that it is a hidden gem. It's fresh, easy to drink, and quickly becomes a cult favorite.

Kotsberg beer

3. A big can of yellow beer
This beer is a refreshing and citrus-happy product, just like its long tail name. It's great with just about anything.

A big can of yellow

4.  Witty bro beer
As the name suggests, this is a wheat beer and it is slowly gaining followers.

Witty bro beer

5. Bro code beer
High alcohol content and a focus on the basics is always the key to having a good time. This beer slows down a lot.

Bro code beer

6. Kalyani Black Label
This beer is light, clear, and unappreciated. It may get a bad rap, but don't spoil it until you try it.

Kalyani Black Label

7. White rhino
The White Rhino Brewing Company is clearly India's first craft brewery, and the beer has a unique flavor that is slowly gaining traction among the Indian population.

White rhino beer

8. Hit beer
Danny Denzonba makes beer! It may have a bitter finish, but when you get your second cup, you won't even notice it.

Hit beer

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