Best long-distance hiking trails around the world

Best long-distance hiking trails around the world

A hiking trail is a specially designated route for hikers to use. Hiking trails are nothing but routes explored by humans over the years to the most distant and naturally scary but beautiful places around the globe. Today, people love to explore these hiking trails as they reflect the natural beauty of the planet earth. Going on a journey on these trails is very exhausting but rewarding. It not only requires bravery but extra-ordinary stamina.
This is a list of the best long-distance hiking trails around the world. 

1. The Great Himalayan Trail, Nepal

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The Great Himalayan hiking trail rewards walkers with beautiful views of the world’s highest mountains, as well as camping sites, rare flora and fauna, high-altitude hot water lakes, and much more.

2. Hokkaido Nature Trail, Japan

Hokkaidu Nature Trail

Japan, is home to some of the longest hiking trails in the world, these are the longest of them all out there, and you will pass through forests, glaciers, and volcanic mountains. You may also see rare wildlife, tribal culture, and much more.

3. Grand Italian Trail, Italy

Grand Italian Trail

There are a lot of different terrains, but the large distances you have to cover in this hiking trail require detailed planning, as it can take about eight months to complete.

4. Oregon Hiking Trail, United States

Oregon Hiking Trail

The scenery is beautiful here, but not for the rookies. The remote location and lack of water is a big challenge for hikers in Oregon hiking trail.

5. Te Araroa, New Zealand

Te Araroa, New Zealand

Here, you'll see the most beautiful landscape on the planet. As you make this trip, you will cross New Zealand, from Bluff at the south to Cape Reinga at the north.

6. Rota Vicentina, Portugal

Rota Vicentina

Much of the trail will be quiet, while the most exciting parts of the trail will include rock-side trails, deserted beaches, wild coastal scenery and spectacular sunbathing.

7. Trans Panama Hiking Trail, Panama

Trans Panama Hiking Trail

This trans-Panama route will take hikers from the Colombian border to Costa Rica. There are sure to be promising ideas about those who take this route, and opportunity meetings with remote indigenous tribes.

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