Check out the best places to visit during Christmas in India

Check out the best places to visit during Christmas in India

The joyful festival of Christmas is around and we are all geared up for the beautiful decorations and celebration. With the Christmas trees being decorated everywhere in the malls and markets and the plum cakes in the bakeries that smell incredibly nice and the Santa Claus is dressed up and distributing toffees among the children is all we love to see around us during the Christmas time. Celebrations of Christmas in India are seen everywhere. This Christmas why not travel to the places in India where the best celebrations for Christmas take place. Take your family and friends along with you to witness the fun-filled Christmas traditions and rituals. Check out our list of the top places to visit in India during Christmas: 


There is nothing like a celebration of Christmas that takes place in Goa. There are endless opportunities for fun activities in Goa. You will absolutely love all the Christmas decorations of the houses, Churches, markets and everywhere else in Goa. Tourists come from all over the world to Goa during Christmas and New Year's time. It is truly the best place to celebrate Christmas in India. The Cathedrals of Goa are decorated beautifully with all the lights and flowers. You can witness the midnight mass in the churches and enjoy the singing of carols by small children. Goa, with its Portuguese legacy and Christian population, celebrates Christmas with great happiness and enthusiasm. Goa has the hottest nightlife with all the beach parties, cocktails in the bars and the pubs. Some of the famous Churches in Goa include the Basilica of Bom Jesus, Se Cathedral, and the Santa Cruz Church.


Shillong in Meghalaya has a good enough population of Catholics and Christmas is celebrated here with great fervor. It is one of the best places in India to Celebrate Christmas. There are a number of fun activities that take place in Shillong during the beautiful Christmas time. Everywhere you see, you will find beautifully decorated streets, homes, and the Churches. The midnight mass at the Churches also attracts huge crowds and various music bands play soulful gospel music. It is worth visiting Shillong during Christmas time to experience the beauty all around, the local food and the exciting celebrations of Christmas. One of the famous Churches in Shillong is the Mary Help of Christians Cathedral.


Pondicherry, known as the 'Little France' is popularly known for its architecture, beaches and French Cuisine. Pondicherry has a major Christian population and they celebrate Christmas with great zeal and enthusiasm. It is one of the best places to visit during Christmas due to its pleasant weather and beautiful beaches. There are many churches and cathedrals in Pondicherry that are decorated beautifully during the Christmas time. Gifts are exchanged, scrumptious cookies are made, Christmas trees are decorated everywhere and a number of fun activities are performed during this time. You can have fun at the beach and experience the aquatic life of Pondicherry. The Churches of Pondicherry are decorated with lights and flowers and offer midnight mass. Some of the famous churches of Pondicherry include the Church of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception, the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Domus Dei Cathedral.


Kerala has a majority population of Christians and there are hundreds of Churches across the state. Like any other place, Christmas is celebrated with great enthusiasm in Kerala with people decorating their homes with lights, streets, and churches that are also decorated. Kerala is a popular tourist destination and Christmas is the best time to visit Kerala. Singing carols at the midnight mass, watching the Christmas plays, enjoying the local cuisine, and having fun at the beach sounds like a perfect Christmas vacation. There are various amazing places to visit in Kerala such as the beautiful beaches, the backwaters of Kerala, visiting the Western Ghats and shopping in the markets. Some of the famous Churches of Kerala include the  Basilica of Our Lady of Dolores Church, Edathua Church, and the St. Francis Church.


A Christmas in Bangalore is for those who want to enjoy the tempting desserts and the various other cuisines. Get a vibe of the festive spirit of Christmas in Bangalore and indulge yourself in the amazing food including  Koshy’s plum cake and the ginger tea, Thomsons Bakery's rum-soaked cake, and the Caperberry for a turkey dinner. Amazing events keep on taking place in Bangalore, so while you are there, check them out for more fun. The city has a rich culture and a Christian legacy as well. There are many churches in Bangalore some of which are constructed by the Europeans, British and the French. These Churches have their unique Christmas traditions. Some of the famous Churches of Bangalore include the St Patrick’s Church on Brigade Road, The All Saints Church on Hosur, the Infant Jesus Church and the St. Francis Xavier’s Cathedral.


If you are not a beach person and prefer to spend your time in the mountains, then Manali is the best place where you can go for a Christmas Holiday. Christmas time is the best time to visit Manali as there are many fun activities that you can enjoy such as playing in the snow, skiing, snowboarding and many more. Sitting and chilling at the chic cafes of Manali, sitting near the fireplace and decorating the Christmas trees. Some of the must-visit churches of Manali include the Gilgal Prayer House church and the Arcot Lutheran Church.


Shimla is a beautiful hill station of Himachal Pradesh. In the month of December, Shimla is completely covered in snow and looks like a paradise. You can enjoy a quiet and nice Christmas in Shimla with attending the midnight mass at the Church and eating at the famous cafes and restaurants, taking a toy train ride and many other things to do. Some of the famous Churches in Shimla include the Christ Church Shimla, and the St. Michael’s Cathedral Catholic Church.


Mumbai has a colonial history and has a Catholic population as well as various Churches. Mumbai celebrates Christmas with great joy and happiness especially in the Western suburb of Bandra. The Hill Road in Mumbai is elaborately decorated using flowers and lights. You can find decorated Christmas trees in most places in Mumbai including malls, markets, and the streets. The churches in Mumbai are also decorated with lights and flowers. Some of the famous churches of Mumbai include the Basilica of Our Lady of the Mount, St. Thomas Cathedral, and the Afghan Church.


Sikkim also has a Christian population and Christmas is celebrated vibrantly in the state. Sikkim has a lot of natural beauty such as its snow-capped mountains and rivers. It is one of the best destinations to visit during Christmas time. The whole state is covered in snow and all the houses are decorated with stars, lights, and flowers as well as the decorated Christmas trees. Culinary delights such as roast meat and baked cakes are also available. There are plenty of restaurants and pubs in the state that celebrate the Christmas time with great enthusiasm. Some of the famous churches of Sikkim include the HopeCity Church, the St. Thomas Church, the Baptist Church of Sikkim. 


Chennai is a coastal city of Tamil Nadu that has Christian history and it has been alleged that one of the disciples was killed here. There are many famous churches in Chennai including the Velankanni church, St. Thomas Cathedral Basilica, Armenian Church, and St Andrew’s Church. Every Christmas, the churches are visited by more than 6000 people approximately. Christmas is celebrated in the city beautifully. Christmas parties are hosted by the clubs and the hotels and amazing Tamilian feast is served. Music is sung and the streets and the markets are decorated. Beach parties are also organized on the occasion of Christmas.

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