Best Places To Visit In Mizoram- Ngtraveller

Best Places To Visit In Mizoram- Ngtraveller

If Mizoram is on your wish list, let us tell you, it's ready to enjoy! Known as the 'songbird of India', this northeastern Indian state is known for its paradisiacal beauty and the perfect combination of culture, tradition and attractive tourist destinations. Although it is a small country, there are many places to visit in Mizoram. Once you visit the place, its charm and mysterious aura will take you on another journey without a doubt.

There are so many tourist attractions in Mizoram, and honestly, we can't stress enough how beautiful each one is! You can enjoy the true essence of tourist destinations just by being part of them. Hurry up and book your tickets for Mizoram as we tell you which are the famous places in Mizoram you must visit!

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If you want to spend some time relaxing in an attractive mountain town, take a trip to Aizawl and make that wish a reality. Surrounded by lush green hills and valleys, Aizawl is a beautiful place in Mizoram. The city looks very beautiful at night when the lights shine from the little houses and give an amazing aura. Before you ask, yes, it is the home of the famous Mizo tribe and you can learn a lot about it during your stay! So explore the place and try to interact with the locals.

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This is one of the most exotic places in Mizoram that you can visit if you are a nature lover and admire the sheer beauty of the landscapes. The picturesque surroundings of Lunglei will make you fall in love with this place. And for in-house photographers, your light senses will thank you for visiting. Do you know how the name Lunglei came about? Well, there is a bridge structure made of rocks in this small town, which in Mizo Lunglei means. You can go see the temple. And when you go sightseeing, don't miss the Khawnglung Wildlife Sanctuary.

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Mamit is another famous place in Mizoram and is loved by all tourists. Wildlife lovers and adventure seekers should add this to their itinerary. Mamet is full of exciting hiking trails (hikers are welcome!) And caves, along with fun views. Now for sightseeing! Visit the Dampa Tiger Reserve and explore a wealth of wildlife in Mizoram. You can observe some rare species of animals such as the emerald pigeon and the leaf monkey. Also, Mamet has the second longest cave in the state. Your heart will be filled with excitement as soon as you enter the cave and it gets dark. Between sightseeing, be sure to grab the orange from here, as Mamet is also known as the "Mizoram Orange Garden".

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Another beautiful tourist spot in Mizoram is Kolasip. The craze for this place is returning to its perfect destinations. It has crystalline water bodies and green valleys around it. He can experience the wonderful sunrise and sunset here while enjoying a romantic moment with his partner. One of the most exciting tourist attractions in Mizoram is the Tlawng River. Get some amazing photos for your Instagram profile here (and increase your likes and followers). You can also go boating on the river and have a nice time with your friends and family. Another interesting activity that you can do here is to learn about local crafts.

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Want a better view of the scenic surroundings and beauty of Mizoram? Come to Reiek. This is one of the great tourist spots in Mizoram. You will be amazed by the panoramic view of the beautiful valleys. Drink a cup of tea and enjoy the enchanting sunrise against the beautiful backdrop of hills and valleys. Don't forget to capture the moments in your heart, as well as on your camera roll, to cherish them forever. You can also rejuvenate as you stroll through the village and explore the daily life of the Mizu tribes.

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