7 Best Places To Visit In North Italy For Tourists

7 Best Places To Visit In North Italy For Tourists

North Italy is a completely different country to explore! It is very different from the best places in North Italy, especially the beautiful places in Southern Italy. And, honestly, coming to Italy is very exciting. It has a long history, beautiful nature and delicious food.

That's why I want to share with you some of the best places in north Italy to visit on your next trip. This is one of our favorite places in Italy and cannot be ignored.


1.) Milan

Milan, one of the brightest cities in north Italy, needs a brief introduction. You can see everything from the magnificent cathedral, the medieval square and the magnificent Galleria Vittorio Emmanuel II.

So don't forget to pack your umbrella again. The weather in Milan can be less stormy than in southern Italy.

Yes, Milan is the perfect city to start a great road trip to Lake Como and Lake Maggiore (Italy, Switzerland).


2.) Venice

Of course, not to mention the best place in north Italy without mentioning Venice. It is world famous for its waterways, canals and isolated parts of the island. Surprised.

In fact, you see purity. Pass Marcus Cathedral and cross San Marco and look at the Realto Bridge. However, Venice has a lot to offer. Filled with portraits, museum lines and a beautiful little dining room, it will stop every second you walk through the city.

Don't miss to visit a nice restaurant for the best food. Take a few minutes and walk down the street to discover the best gems in Venice.

Same goes for gelato!


3.) Verona

Located southwest of Venice, Verona is one of the most overlooked historic cities of Venice and Milan.

But in my opinion it should not be so. Verona is ideal for trips of 3-4 days.

When you arrive, be greeted by the magnificent Roman Arena di Verona.

Here, at other times of the year, they host some unforgettable open-air playgrounds and games. Then look out to Romeo's balcony with Juliet and go to Lamberty Tower to see.


4.) Bologna

The two Bologna towers have a long history in north Italy, predating Italy. You see, this city has existed for centuries and you still have a lot to admire in its history.

Here, visit Piazza Maggiore to see the two towers and one of the city's most important buildings, the Arcinacino. This is definitely one of the best places to visit in North Italy.

Then head to La Montana for a delicious Italian dish. You fill it.


5.) Dolomite

The Dolomites are a large mountain range in north Italy, located in the northern part of the country.

As you can see, the Dolomite is part of the Southern Limestone Alps, one of the most famous mountains in Italy.

Or, if you don't head north, you can easily climb a little dolomite (or two) between Torrent, Verona, and Vessens. Be sure to pack your running shoes!

Tre Cime di Lavaredo is one of the best places to visit and can be reached via some great routes or via Ferratas in north Italy. So, if you've never driven before, always hit the road (as we did). It looks long! Also, if you want to get to the nearest parking spot early, you can fill it up before 9 a.m., even during rush hour.

Lake Garda

6.) Lake Garda

So Lake Garda is one of my favorite lakes in north Italy. Especially Lake Como and Lake Maguire (I love it too).

We like it a lot!

Not only are there great restaurants around Lake Garda, you can't miss a great city like Preda.

It is one of the best tourist places in north Italy.

Or, if you're only on the shores of Garda, you can see Lake Tino and the entire area on foot from Ferrata Street.


7.) Mantua

Located in the valley of Lombardy in north Italy, Mantua is a small town with a long weekend getaway. You see, it's cool enough to spin, but not boring (if you get my drops).

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