6 Best Travel and Adventure Documentaries Which Can Give You an Instant Adrenaline Rush

6 Best Travel and Adventure Documentaries Which Can Give You an Instant Adrenaline Rush

1.Sherpa - 2015

If the people who climb Everest are heroes, then Chibas is God. Yes, they are the people who made everyone climb Everest, they respect and care about this beautiful mountain and they are the people who did not become famous even after climbing many times. Don't forget to monitor your efforts.

2 Sharkwater

Biologist Rob Stewart traveled to several islands to capture something unusual about sharks. Yes, I was working on this project just to show people that sharks are not dangerous creatures at all. Unfortunately, he only died this year, but his documentary will definitely make you fall in love with this lovely creature.


3. Walking the Himalayas - Levison Wood

You must have heard of his book, but have you seen this 5-part series on the Discovery Channel? Crossing the entire Himalayan region just on foot is the craziest thing one can experience, but this man did. From Afghanistan in the west to Bhutan in the east. Across 5 countries (Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal, and Bhutan) and cut 1,700 miles in just 4 months with the help of local guides, tribes and soldiers. People who love a mountain should see this mountain.

4  Blindsight
Someone with asthma, someone without a leg, a vegetarian person who climbed Mount Everest, we've heard such motivating stories many times, but have you heard of blind teenagers who climb Everest? This movie is about 6 blind Tibetan teenagers who people have thought are haunted by demons led by Eric Weinmayer, the only blind mountaineer who has successfully climbed Everest.

5 The Ridge - Danny Macaskill
Danny MacAskill is one of my favorite athletes. Whenever I feel bad, I watch his documentaries. Just look at this and I'm sure you'll be biting your nails. After watching your clips, you will definitely start saving for your new bike.

6 Great Wide Open
I'm sure you've never seen the adventurous side of Jared Leto (Dallas Buyer's Club star). This is a multi-part documentary directed by Jared Leto and she takes over the Great American National Park with various climbers and some of my favorites like Tommy Caldwell, Renan Ozturk, Alex Honnold, etc. The wonderful scenery, wildlife, and nature in this documentary will give you inner tranquility.