5 Best Treks to Do in Himachal Pradesh Between July and October

5 Best Treks to Do in Himachal Pradesh Between July and October

If adventure run like a storm in your soul, consider the evergreen state of Himachal Pradesh as a summer trekking destination in 2021. Often romantic as a winter vacation destination, Himachal Pradesh's wonderful summer season it is also unique. A new kind of liveliness in the surroundings followed by a pleasant climate.
To say the least, it's an action-packed place that is best explored in the summer with hiking and trekking. Oh! Honestly, there can be nothing better than being adventurous and traversing freshwater streams, high altitude lakes, glistening waterfalls, green meadows and valleys in the months of July to October in Himachal when it all gets surreal.

And if we really think about it, there is an endless list of summer trips in Himachal Pradesh. But in this blog, we ease the pain and describe the top 5 trekking spots for you to enjoy in the summer season.

It doesn't matter if you are a beginner, an experienced hiker, or someone on their first hike, this northern Indian state is perfect to prepare you for more adventures and challenges to come. So, keep your vacation ideas in the same old tourist spots and choose from our top five summer trips that we have a short list for you.

5 Best Treks to Do in Himachal Pradesh Between July and October
  • Indrahar Pass Trek
  • Hampta Pass Trek
  • Kareri Lake Trek
  • Pin Parvati Pass Trek
  • Friendship Peak Trek
Indrahar Pass Trek

Height: 4375 m
Best time to visit: September to October
Route: Mcleodganj - Triund - Lahesh Cave - Indrahar Pass

A place with beautiful landscapes, high altitude lakes and deep narrow valleys, Indrahar Pass Trek in Himachal is a place loved by many adventurers. The hike offers the perfect combination to quench your thirst for a scenic walking holiday. As the journey begins in McLeodganj, one of the most visited tourist destinations, you are likely to run into some of the most impressive moments to see the majestic mountains and charming midway towns like Dharamkot.

When you ascend to Triund (2,994m), which can also be considered a small trekking trail for beginners and ideal even for families, you will be able to slowly reach a wide area of forests covered with oak and pine trees that lead to some of the mountainous attractions of Lahesh Cave. The path becomes more beautiful once you start the climb to the Indrahar pass.

The trail passes two attractive peaks of the Pir Panjal mountain range (4100 m) facing north and Manimayesh Kailash (5656 m) facing east. A mind-blowing sight is the sight of the Kangra Valley, which has settled into the western Himalayas and the distant Punjab plains during this hike. After a series of meadows, you will end up walking and hiking in the middle of the Corsi Valley before setting out on a downhill hike to Machetar.

Hampta Pass Trek

Height: 4227 m
Best time to visit: mid-June to October
Route: Prini - Pando Rupa - Chica - Palu Ka Jira - Hampta Pass

To an outsider, it seems paradoxical, someone who has not explored their inner wanderings through the perfectly Calm trekking trails of the Himachal. But what might surprise you is that this upcoming flight has won hearts for its perfect amateur height. In fact, to experience more of what Himachal has to offer, trekking in June is the best time to visit.

Starting at the Adventure Activity Center, the Manali trek touches 4,268 meters, located on the east side of Manali and the Pir Panjal mountain range. The journey takes you to eternal peace and other tourist attractions like the magnificent Hadimba Devi Temple, ancient Manali, the Tibetan Monastery, and Chikka to start with.

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The trail takes you close to your destination and also gives you a glimpse of the beautiful Hampta River that bridges the gap between Hampta and the Lahaul & Spiti Valley. On your way through the deep forests, you may come across the village of Prini, which is the focal point of the Hampta Pass Ranges from where you head to a higher elevation to see the changes in the sky.

Kareri Lake Trek

Altitude: 3100 m
Best time to visit: mid-June to October
Route: Mcleodganj - Kareri Village Camp - Lioti - Kareri Lake

Adrenaline is a thing of the past, so why not immerse yourself in the serene realms of Dharamshala this summer season and also visit the Dalai Lama's residence and Kareri Lake Trek base camp. In search of an adventure filled with lifelong adventures, Kareri Lake Trek not only allows you to find the enchanting beauty of nature, but also allows you to set your feet at heights of up to 3,100 meters.

The journey that actually begins on the suburbs of Dharamshala, Maclodganj, further connects you with the beauty of nature passing through valleys, green meadows and terrain. Along with high mountain passes like Minkiani, Baleni, and Lioti, Kareri Lake Trek finally takes you to your final destination.

Pin Parvati Pass Trek

Height: 5319 m

Best time to visit: July - September
Route: Manikaran - Barsheni - Khirganga - Tunda Bhuj - Thakur Kuan - Odi Thach - Lake Mantalai - Base Point of Pin Parvati-Camping of Pin Parvati

A contemporary landscape that offers distilled peace to all adventure seekers is Pin Parvati Trek. The Pin Parvati trek is very popular with travelers who want to seek new heights from time to time and is only suitable for people who have at least some high altitude trekking experiences ranging from around 4500m and lasting between 6 and 7 days. Leaning over a trail that connects the Parvati Valley in Kullu with the surreal Pin Valley in Spiti, this trail takes you through higher places located at a staggering 5,319 meters and allows you to witness the magic of mountains, lush valleys and remote villages.

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Starting from Manikaran near Kasol, the hike stretches for 100 km and takes you through dreamy meadows and lakes, and makes you witness the beauty of tourist places like Buddhist villages, Kheerganga, Manikaran, Tunda Bhuj, Odi Thach , Thakur Kuan, Mantalai, Parchini. etc. There is no landscape as beautiful as the cool mountainous region of the Spiti desert as you approach the Parvati Valley step by step, where at the end of 16 days you will witness the ecstatic magic of lush greenery.

Friendship Peak Trek

Height: 5289 m
Best time to visit: June - October
Route: Solang - Bakarthach - Beas Kund Camp - Advance Camp

Adding to the distinctive beauty of the Himalayas is the Pir Panjal mountain range in Himachal, famous for sponsoring the noble summit of friendship. Friendship Peak Friendship Tour offers a great opportunity in the summer season to climb a starry height of 5,289 meters and see the picturesque Daoladhar mountain range. This quest is counted among the most beautiful and challenging natural trekking trails to do in Himachal. And if you are one of those eat, sleep and breathe adventures, then Friendship Peak Trek is without a doubt your type of expedition.

Trekking in July is really the best time for this adventure tour, as the most important thing to keep in mind is that you need to be mentally and physically prepared before embarking on the trek. The Solang Valley is at an altitude of 2050 meters, where your journey begins at the summit of friendship, crossing lush orchards and enchanting alpine meadows, and your trail continues to more picturesque places with stunning views of the Himalayas.

Additionally, taking you to Bakarthach, the hike also connects you with other base camps that take you to a lush, rolling green land that enhances the exhilarating aura of the ocean. And that's not all, as there is so much in Himachal's treasure to see during this Trek.

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