The Top 5 waterparks in the world

The Top 5 waterparks in the world

Bestwaterparksin theworld

image source:City Dads Group Any summer vacation, irrespective of which part of the world you are from will make you want to go to a water theme park. Water parks are more like heaven on the planet earth. Governments spend a lot of their investments in establishing a world renounce water park to attract more tourists to their country for a summer vacation. It can be quite tricky for a person to choose which water park to set food on around the globe. So, here are the best water parks in the world. Read more:Worlds Largest Underwater Restaurant in Norway
Siam Park, Spain

siam waterpark in spainimage

This is arguably the best water park in the world. Located in Spain, one of the worst popular destinations for tourists they have some of the best water rides imaginable. Their water rides can satisfy the best of the adrenaline-driven person. This water park has taken pride in their wave machines and for their tunnel through the shark. In addition to this, they have other rides as well. This is the perfect destination for a summer holiday if you want to enjoy it in a water park.
Aqua venture Water Park, Dubai

aqua venture water park in dubaiimage source: youtube

Dubai is known for the extremes that it provides to the world. This water park is no exception. Even though there are a lot of water parks in Dubai, this is the best of the lot. It takes a person on a journey through its water rides. It starts with a zero level pool as its entry point, which slowly increases its turbulence to give a rapid floe experience. After the fast flow comes the serene river. The ride does not end there; if one is daring enough, they can swim with their sharks wearing scuba masks. Along with a private beach so you can have a relaxing summer day. They also have dedicated childrens areas to help keep everyone happy at the same time. If these are not compelling enough to check out this water park, nothing can be. Read more:Worlds First Underwater Villa In Maldives
Disneys Typhoon Lagoon water park, Orlando
disney typhoon lagoon water park
image source:Best of Orlando
Disney can never disappoint anyone. This is one of the best examples for that if their Disney world is not enough for then this just might do the job. This water park has the storm slides that will give an adrenalin hike; sadly, this is only for elders. So, the kids get a mini version of this called the bay slides.Their surf pool is one of their main attractions; this is supposed to replicate the feeling of surfing in the comprehensive ocean. They also have a lot of other riders and activities, making this one of the best water parks in the world.
Aquaventure Water Park, Atlantic paradise island Nassau
Aquaventure Water Park, Atlantic paradise island Nassauimage source:Honeymoon Destinations
Like its other water park in Dubai, this holds onto its name as one the best of the best when it comes to the world of water parks. This water park is known for the endless number of activities and rides it offers. And none of these rides will make you feel bored; they are designed to keep you hypes at all times. Some of their memorable trips include The Abyss, a drop-through the darkest tunnel ever. The serpent slide, true to its name designed to makes your head go round. And the ride through the shark-filled lagoon. These are a few of the trips that will make you never want to leave this place.
Yas water park, Abu Dhabi

yas waterpark abu dhabiimage source:CADS UAE

If you ever wanted to have an Indiana Jones adventure for yourself, this is one of the best places to go. Like every time the UAE always has an alternative that is as good as the other. In comparison to the Aquaventure in Dubai, this is also one of the best in the world. Their family size pool is a big invitation to all, this helps you get the family time that you always wanted. The roller coaster named The Bandit Bomber one of the best in the world. Flow boarding, more than a dozen slides and a lot more water activities and games, make this one of the best water parks in the world. Like every part of the world, India has its outstanding share for the world of water parks. Water parks like WonderLa, Fun World, water kingdom, make sure that the enthusiasts get the world-class experience in their water park, making them the best water parks in India. Where ever you go in the world you will find a water theme park. Indulge yourself and your family in a day of water activities and rides in these water parks around the world. Read more:Imagica Water Park Indias Largest Water Park