Best Weekend Getaway in Maharashtra: Aamby Valley City- Ngtraveller

Best Weekend Getaway in Maharashtra: Aamby Valley City- Ngtraveller

Maharashtra is home to some of the idyllic tourist spots in the country. You can try a little of everything in the state. Be it natural beauty or adventure activities! And if you are planning a weekend getaway in Maharashtra, let us suggest the town of Ambi Valley in Lonavala. Trust us, the wonders of the city will give you a warm welcome. From lush green hills to magnificent forts and lakes, this city has everything to make your trip exciting. So it should be added to your Maharashtra travel guide.

Are you excited to find out more? Well, we have a perfect guide for you that contains all the details you need for your vacation. And while planning your vacation, visit the best hotel in Lonavala for a great stay!

ambay valley

If you are in Maharashtra, you can take the road or train to Ambe Valley. If you are visiting from abroad, take a flight to Pune or a flight to Mumbai. From the airport, you can take a taxi or bus to your Aamby Valley hotel.

Lion's Point, Lonavala

Painting a beautiful canvas with its stunning views of valleys and hills, Lion's Point is indeed one of the best places you cannot visit in Aamby Valley. Not only in the Aamby valley, it is also one of the best places to visit in Maharashtra. And we say, while in Aamby Valley, visit the point without getting lost! The majestic beauty of the clouds floating above will definitely give you goosebumps! This is not everything.

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From here you can see green spaces, lakes and a small waterfall that increases its beauty. Tip, don't miss Lion Point's lovely sunsets and sunrises. Also, don't forget to see the magnificent Schiffing Summit.

Tung Fort

Located 1,075 meters above sea level, Tung Fort is a must-see on your trip. Surrounded by vast tropics, this destination has a beauty unmatched anywhere else. Tung Fort is not only admired for its panoramic views, but it also offers incredible trekking experiences that you can enjoy. Not in the mood for a trip? Then choose a family picnic or camp. Otherwise, you can simply enjoy the attractive view of Tikona Castle, Visapur Castle and Pawna Lake from its top. Or just sit by the fort to relax and rejuvenate.

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Regardless of what you plan to do, take our advice and include it in your Aamby Valley reservation plan and you won't regret it later.

Bhushi Dam

Another addition to the best places in Ambe Valley and the best place to escape the chaos of the city! Built on the Indrayani River, the dam keeps it moving. Surrounded by rocky terrain and lush green forests, Bhushi Dam is an incredible sight. The steps built over the dam are one of its most prominent features! Although you can't swim here, wait, the stairs will put you in the mood. Quick tip, grab hot and delicious sandwiches from the many stalls and stalls as you take in the scenery.

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If that sounds interesting, head here when the Ambe Valley temperature is low and enjoy its beauty to the fullest. And if you plan to get here in the hottest months, no problem! Bushy dam can also make your summer great. And no, you don't have to pay any entrance fee to the Aamby Valley to visit here (in case you were wondering!).

Trekking at Korigad Fort

If hiking in the Aamby Valley is your goal, Korigad Fort is where you should be. Located at an elevation of 3,028 feet, Kourigad Castle is one of the most beautiful castles in the country. The most surprising thing about this trip is that after three or four hours of walking, the road takes you to the base town of Al Hosn. The wonderful views from the top of the hill is what attracts tourists along with the excellent trekking experience. You will see many waterfalls and lush green forests that fall in the surroundings. Take refuge near the Koradi Devi Temples in case you need a short break. With so much to explore while trekking, we suggest reserving the nearby Aamby Valley Resort and starting early in the morning.

Explore Bhaja Caves

Calling all history buffs! If you are one of those who loves to immerse yourself in history, we suggest you visit the Bhaja caves. The old and popular intersection of Hangouts will give you an exciting experience. Speaking of the interiors, it has fourteen stupas with intricate carvings related to Buddhism. That is all? No, there is also a refreshing waterfall near the caves that adds to their beauty.

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Now you may be wondering how long the scan can take. Well, save three or four hours for this and we are sure you will not be disappointed. Take our advice, come during the spring when the weather is nice in the Aamby Valley to explore the beautiful flower-covered caves.

Camping at Pawna Lake

If you ask us, there is no camping on Lake Puna while appreciating the mystical valleys of the Western Ghats. The setting at Lake Pawna will give you an excellent view of Fort Lohagad, Fort Tung, Fort Tikona and Fort Visapur. Enjoy the wonders of nature camping here and we promise you won't be able to forget this experience any time soon. And for an idyllic weekend, camping on this lake is one of the best things to do. One tip: arrive during the monsoon season with your loved ones and camp from morning to night.

Excited for your trip to Aamby Valley? Then wait no more. Pack your bags and start rolling!