Biswa Bangla Gate - Kolkata first hanging restaurant

Biswa Bangla Gate - Kolkata first hanging restaurant

Kolkata first hanging restaurant

Kolkata the cultural capital of India is a heaven for foodies. Kolkata offers a huge variety of authentic Bangla cuisine for food lovers. This is the first time Kolkata is a welcoming hanging restaurant. Yes rightly mentioned the first hanging restaurant in Kolkata is opened. The name of the first hanging restaurant in Kolkata is Biswa Bangla Gate. Hanging restaurant is a common concept across the world, especially in Asia. So India is also indicating that we are also opting for the latest trends of hospitality. The innovative hospitality is becoming popular in India too. A few months back Bengaluru has welcomed its sky dining and now Kolkata. Biswa Bangla Gate Kolkata First Hanging Restaurant project is part of the New Town development project of the West Bengal Government. Guests can enjoy a 360-degree view of the city.

Location Of Biswa Bangla Gate

Kolkata has inaugurated its first hanging restaurant in New Town at Kolkata Gate. Kolkata gate is situated near Narkel Bagan crossing at Newtown, Rajarhat, West Bengal in India. Biswa Bangla gate is being constructed on the way of the airport, New Town, Rajarhat. The alternative guide of this gate is the Kolkata gate is opposite to the Rabindra Tirtha and 15 minutes from ECO Park. It will take half an hour to 45 minutes. Buses are too available anywhere in Kolkata and outside to reach Biswa Bangla Gate.

Features of Biswa Bangla Gate

Biswa Bangla gate design was published to the public in 2015. The construction of the gate started on 6th March 2017. The building is being constructed by 70 tons of steel. The total cost of construction of this gate is 25 cores. The project was completed in 20 months of hard work. This Oval shaped restaurant is perched on the 55-meter high Kolkata gate at Rabindra Tirtha in New Town. The unique combination of glass and steel structure has made it resistant to all types of natural hazards. This is an unparallel wonder and a new addition to the charm of Kolkata. The gate is 55 meters high and a narrow tunnel is made for visitors to get into the restaurant. The narrow tunnel is approx 25 meters above the ground. No need to think of how we can get into the gate. Of course, the Biswa Bangla Gate is having two elevators that carry guests into the tunnel. The visitors of Biswa Bangla Gate can enjoy the mesmerizing sunset view from the tunnel. The circle-shaped area hangs over the four pillars of the gate. The circle is fully covered with glass which enables the visitors to have a birds-eye view of Newtown and Kolkata too. The entire outer part of the tunnel is covered with lights. The inner part of the tunnel is fully air-conditioned. So, visitors, you will have comfortable dining although the weather of Kolkata is humid. At the top of the gate, visitors can locate the logo of Biswa Bangla. The restaurant is foodie heaven. It is opened from 7:00 pm to 10:00 Pm. The occupancy capacity of the BIswa Bangla Gate, the first hanging restaurant of Kolkata is 72 persons but at present, they are allowing only 50 persons. For romantic dinner dates, the Biswa Bangla Gate has the unique elements of tiny illuminated lights which is the best way to spend the evening with your love while seeing a beautiful landscape of Kolkata. The battery-powered lights will serve as a prop for your memorable romantic dinner date. The restaurant is having Wi-Fi. Please note there is no washroom. If you need you should come down in the basement. The toilet is beside of Biswa Bangla ticket counter. Another interesting segment at Biswa Bangla Gate is a viewing gallery. The gallery displays the rich cultural heritage and history of Kolkata. It is opened from 12:00 pm to 5:00 Pm. The gallery is also accessed with the elevators as it is also located above 25 meters from the ground. Tickets are applicable to visiting the gallery. Tickets are available online.

image source-Telegraph India

Tickets for Biswa Bangla Gate-Kolkata first hanging Restaurant

Tickets cannot be booked directly. Tickets can be booked online. Tickets are available in Book My Show or Housing Infrastructure Development Corporation (HIDCO). Websites. Visitors are allowed for only one hour in visiting the gallery and for safety purposes, only 100 visitors are allowed in the Viewing gallery. After an initial online booking, a QR code will be generated. After receiving the confirmation show the receipt on the Biswa Bangla ticket counter and get the proper ticket for the Kolkata gate. An entry pass will be handed over to the visitor. Tickets are available for INR 100 per person. Service charges are extra. Children below 3 years can enjoy free entry. The time slots are12.00 noon, 1.00 pm, 2.00 pm, 3.00 pm, 4.00 pm, and 5.00 pm. The maximum you can spend 45 minutes inside the tunnel. If you have a backpack or lodges, keep those things on the baggage counter.

Biswa Bangla Gate Menu and Curio Shop
The Biswa Bangla Gate, Kolkata's first hanging restaurant is having several photographs of rich Bengal cultural heritage and history of Kolkata. Visitors can find a small restaurant, operated by Cafe Ekante and a small curio shop. Snacks are available at cheap prices. Coffee 30 rupees per cup, prawn cutlet 1 pc. 60 rupees, cheese puff 50 rupees, pineapple pastry 70 rupees, etc. visitors can buy Souvenir that starts from 250 rupees for their friends and families. Souvenir is available at Curio Shop. The project of Biswa Bangla Gate or the Kolkata Gate is completed on 27 Jan 2019. Biswa Bangla means where the world meets Bengal is a brand name under which things are consolidated. But still, we are waiting for public entry. People are excited about the first hanging restaurant in Kolkata and viewing its art gallery depicting rich Bengal cultural heritage. It is located at Narkel Bagan-New town Kolkata. It will provide a viewpoint to major areas of Rajarhat and New Town. So if you are planning for Kolkata during the next vacation try out the delight in every bite at Biswa Bangla Gate, the first hanging restaurant of Kolkata. I am sure sky dining at Biswa Bangla Gate would be incredible and a new experience too.

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image source-Telegraph India