Booster dose of COVID-19 mandatory for Kuwait travellers .

Booster dose of COVID-19 mandatory for Kuwait travellers .

Kuwait Corvettes Dose Booster covid-19 for tourists who want to enter the country due to rising cases of corona virus. Booster shots are given to people who have completed 9 months of a double dose of the vaccine. This order is effective from Sunday 26 December.

The Civil Aviation General - Kuwait has mentioned all the important travel requirements on Twitter.

The announcement was made by the Kuwait Civil Aviation Authority. The authority in its claim said that if a person does not get a booster injection after 9 months of vaccination, then he will not be considered as a complete vaccine.

Kuwaitis will not be allowed to leave the country without booster shots. The order also states that tourists wishing to enter the Gulf state will have to submit a PCR test report 48 hours before they test negative.

If a passenger fails to show a PCR test report or is not vaccinated with booster injection, the passenger will not be admitted to Kuwait International Airport. Not only this, those who have not done PCR tests have been home quarantined for 10 days.

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