Brazil to get Christ the Protector statue, taller than Christ the Redeemer

Brazil to get Christ the Protector statue, taller than Christ the Redeemer

The Brazilian city of Encantado is preparing to inaugurate a 140-foot statue called "Christ the Protector," this year, which will be taller than its famous counterpart in Rio de Janeiro.

According to reports, a local organization is building the statue of "Christ the Protector" in Encantado, a small town in the extreme south of Brazil, the Rio Grande do Sul. When completed, the new statue will become the tallest statue of Jesus in the world.

The Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio stands 124 feet tall and 91 feet from one hand to hand, while the outstretched arms of the "Christ the Protector" measure 118 feet from end to end.

The statue will reportedly be built at an estimated cost of 2 million reals. The main objective of the construction of this statue is to inspire faith and promote tourism in the region.

Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janerio

However, a 249-feet statue and a 172-feet statue are also under construction in Mexico and Poland respectively, which will make the 140 feet statue in Brazil the third tallest Jesus statue in the world.

Reportedly, the statue will also contain an elevator that will take tourists close to the Heart of Christ. It will also have a glass opening that will allow people to photograph the valley.

The construction of the statue began in 2019. A head and outstretched arms were added this week to the statue.

A father-son team of sculptors, Genesio and Markus Moura, are overseeing the work.

The idea for the project came from the city's politician and mayor, Adroaldo Conzatti, who died of COVID-19 in March.

"It is a day for celebration, for devotion," said Gilson Conzatti, a local councilor and son of Adroaldo Conzatti, the politician who conceived the idea.

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