Challenge the foodie in you with the biggest thalis in India

Challenge the foodie in you with the biggest thalis in India


Best thali in India

There is no sincere love in the world than a true love for food. The foodie inside you is always searching for yummy options to full your tummy and stimulate your taste buds. In India, meals have great options as in every corner of India we get different cuisines and have a great lip-smacking taste. The concept of Thali is very important in Indian Food Culture. Thali is an Indian name for around plater used to serve food. Thali is also used to refer to an Indian-style meal made up of a selection of various dishes which are served on a platter. In Indian food culture, there are different Bahubali Thalis served in different parts of India with a variety of authentic Indian cuisine.
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Biggest Thaliss Served In Indian Food Culture

Khali Bali Thali

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The foodies in India is now facing a big challenge with the biggest Thalis in India. One of them is served in Ardor 2.1 in Connaught Place in Delhi. This Thali is named as Khali Bali Thali. Every time we wonder how the royal families dine varieties of food included in a meal. Now, this can be clearly seen in Khali Bali Thali. Everyone can enjoy the royal cuisine in single Thali. It's affordable as it hardly costs INR 400 per person to give the royal sensation to their taste bud. This Khali Bali Thali is so huge that it takes four members to finish. Khali Bali Thali is offered in both segments that are vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Khali Bali Thali is 56 inches in size. This Thali was specially customized as no Thali in such huge size was available readymade. Khali Bali Thali is prepared in a very clean and Hygienic condition. The Khali Bali Thali is prepared in a transparent kitchen with modern cooking equipment. Vegetarian Khali Bali Thali includes almost 40 vegetarian delicacies. The vegetarian Khali Bali Thali cost INR 1900. It is impossible for one person to finish the complete Thali. Go at least with your four companions to enjoy the Khali Bali Thali. The Vegetarian delicacies included in Vegetarian Khali Bali Thali are paneer tikka, naan, boondi raita, salad, an assortment of veg kebabs, a variety of desserts and several regional vegetables and dals. Non-Vegetarian Khali Bali Thali costs INR 2299. The Non-Vegetarian thali includes chicken, mutton and fish preparations, vegetables and kebabs of various kinds. Both segments of Khali Bali Thalis have unlimited refills. The place permits four people to share a Khali Bali Thali and for every extra person beyond this, you pay Rs 500. Khali Bali Thali was introduced in August 2018 to pay a tribute to the Indian Independence. Khali Bali Thali consists of 4 kgs of food and two persons are required to lift the Khali Bali Thali.
Khali Bali Thali Challenge
Foodies are challenged by Ardor 2.1 Connaught Place New Delhi. Take a food challenge to finish Khali Bali Thali. In 40 Minutes the two food challenges have to finish the Khali Bali Thali and they will get a chance to win Being human Bicycle worth INR 60000. Location-55, 56 & 88, 89, Connaught Cir, Block N, Connaught Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110001 Hours: Open 24 hours- (Khali Bali Thali is served for Lunch Only.) Also visit:-Calcutta Food: The Story of 5 Signature Dishes

Bahubali Thali

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The famous Bahubali Thali is served by a pure vegetarian restaurant called Aaoji Khaaoji in Pune Maharastra. The Bahubali vegetarian thali is served at INR 2000. The vegetarian unparallel luminaries included in Bhabubali Thalis are two types of dal, 11 types of main course dishes, two types of yogurt, a bowlful of butter, six types of dessert, three types of rice, two types of roti, six papads with pickle and salad and two huge Patiala Lassi glasses!. The Bahubali Thali is for sure is enough to satisfy the hunger of four persons. So individuals can have family lunch in one Bhaubali Thali. Other thalis on their menu are the Tiranga Thali, Sunny Deol Thali, Rajnikanth Thali, Munna Bhai Thali, and Dharmendra Thali to name a few.
Challenge of Bahubali Thali
They have a Kumbhkaran thali that, if you and your partner can finish in under 45 minutes, you get Rs 11,000 and a place on their wall of fame Location- Shop 31, Raghukulnagari, Opposite Patil Complex, Ambedkar Chowk, Bopodi, Khadki, Pune

Choki Dhanis Rajasthani Thali

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Choki Dhani is a concept capturing the vibrant spirit of Rajasthan and ensuring a perfect Rajasthani experience. If you want to stimulate your taste bud with royal taste then one should head towards Choki Dhani. This royal Thali offers a variety of authentic Rajasthani cuisine. A foodie can find all Rajasthani dishes from churma to gehvar in a single plate.

Kesariya Thali


This thali offers huge mouth-watering delicacies from welcome drinks to deserts. A combination of 32 items in a single plate. Kesariya is a specialty restaurant that brings absolute and exotic flavors of Rajasthani cuisine in the city that is known as the 'Silicon Valley of India'-Banglore. Location-: 55, Goenka Chambers, Jeevan Griha Colony, 19th Main, Phase 2, JP Nagar, Bangalore. Hours: 12 Noon to 3:30 PM, 7 PM to 11 PM Price: INR 1,000 for two people (approx.) Also visit:-Best Food Places for Seafood Lovers in Kolkata

Dara Singh Thali

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Masaledaar By Mini Punjab in Thane, Mumbai has introduced the Grand Dara Singh Thalibig enough for 5 people to share, the vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. The Thali is available for under INR 1500. Named after the famed Indian wrestler Dara Singh, the Grand Dara Singh Thali comes in equally epic proportions. Each thali also comes with three chaat options, four types of beverages, a soup, seven desserts, and a range of pickles, chutneys, and other accompaniments. In non-veg thali, foodies can have tasty treat form tikkas to kebabs. This thali takes hours to be served. so if dont want to wait to get it pre-booked and enjoy the lip-smacking delicacies. In every bite its yummy tasty treat. Challenge Of Dara Singh Thali The challenge is not easy for a foodie. thali includes a total of 36 dishes! Yes, 36 huge portions that you will have to eat in order to win the challenge. The person can pick between a non-veg and vegetarian thali as per their preference and if they are able to finish it alone, then the whole thali is on the house. Best of luck to all the foodies. Location: Masaledaar By Mini Punjab, 1st Floor, The Thane Club, Mohan Koppikar Road, Teen Hath Naka, Opposite Raheja Garden, Thane Price: Rs 999++ (vegetarian) and Rs 1,299++ (not vegetarian) Also read:- Guide for Kashid Beach A Weekend Paradise Near Mumbai

Shree Thaker Bhojanalaya Gujarati Thali


Shree Thaker Bhojanalay is the perfect place to enjoy an all vegetarian spread of delicious food, especially Gujarati cuisine. This huge thali has a long list of Gujarati cuisine in a single plate. Gujarati Thali includes four types of sabzi and roti with potato curry, kadhi, dal, khandvi, chutney, etc. As for desserts, they serve jalebi, gulab jamun, shrikhand, and fruit custard. The best part of this thali is that all food is prepared with Desi ghee. If you are a foodie and die heart fan of pure deshi ghee then you should head towards the Gujarati tasty treat. Location- Building No, 31, Dadiseth Agiyari Ln, Kalbadevi, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400002 Hours-7:00 PM

Chhappan Bhog /Maharaja Bhog Thali


Like the name, this huge thali has 56 delicacies in one plate. It takes more than two people to finish the entire Thali. This Thali is served at Halwai Ki Dukan, Mumbai. This premium thali is an unlimited refill with vegetarian delicacies. Huge quantity is served in this premium Thali. They serve authentic vegetarian Marwadi and Gujarati food and their menu changes every day. So, that makes it about 900 different dishes made in a single month. Along with welcome drink, the huge thali offers poppadoms, two types of chutney, two types of pickles, salad, one steamed and one fried farsan, one special dish of the day, four different types of vegetable preparations, two types of Indian dal, two types of kadhi, three different types of traditional Indian breads, two types of rice, two different unlimited desserts on weekdays (three on weekends), sweet masala pan and other drinks that are provided along with the meal including their special smoked herb buttermilk. So with this royal Thali, foodies can feast like a king. Location- Opposite Kamla Mills Senapati Bapat Marg, Todi Mills, Lower Parel, Mumbai. Also read:-Kolkata: A Sweet-Able Tour Around The City Of Joy

Sukanta Pure Veg Thali


This thali is a vegetarian Thali at affordable rates. They serve about 25 different dishes on their thalis, and the flavors of each one of them are balanced in a way that you have explosions in your mouth while having this thali. Foodie will get one welcome drink, two kinds of desserts, one chaat, one kind of fried farsan, one kind of steamed farsan, four kinds of vegetable preparations, two kinds of rice, three kinds of Indian bread, one kadhi and one dal. Location- 636, Abhinandan Plaza, Pulachi Wadi Road, Deccan Gymkhana, Pune, Maharashtra 411004. Generally, meals come in mini bowls. But the concept of Thalis has changed the concept of meals serving. The huge serving will satisfy the hunger of the foodies but I can bet no foodie can finish it all alone. When you feel like a monster eating head towards this biggest thalis served in different places of India. Also read:-Best Food Places for Seafood Lovers in Kolkata