Check out these Top things to do in Hong Kong

Check out these Top things to do in Hong Kong

Things to Do in Hong Kong

Asian countries are known prominently for their culture and tradition. The rich heritage of Asian civilization is known around the world. And the country of Hong Kong is no exception in this list. There are a million things to do in Hong Kong. Here is the ultimate travel guide for your trip to Hong Kong

Zipline to Lantau island

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Soaring high above the sky is the first best thing during any trip. And Hong Kong isnt an exception in this list. Travel on the sky en route Lantau island on cable cars. There are packages available for your trip to the island. Pick up an up and down package or ride a single way. Choose from the normal and crystal glass cable cars available. The ride extends to about 5.7 kilometers. Catch the breathtaking view of the south china sea beneath your feet. Let your eyes wander over the thick green forests. At Lantau Island, witness serenity under the big Buddha statue and enjoy the Po Lin Monastery visit. This is the first best thing in Hong Kong for family trips and visitors with kids.
Hop on or off

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This exclusive bus tour helps you explore the whole of Hong Kong. The bus has 20 stops in all. Hop on the bus to enjoy the trails around the city of Hong Kong. The best part is the flexibility in time and routes. Hop off at a stop and enjoy your tour. Take your time to explore the markets and no problem if you even miss off the bus. Hop on the next bus and continue your exploration. The tickets are usually valid for 24 hours or 48 hours. Choose the ones you want and have the trip you desire to. This sometimes can also include a ferry ride and a night glimpse of the city. Also, enjoy the offer which adds up to an observation deck admission ticket. Catch the sight of the city from the sky and get amazed by its very look. Because the nightlife in Hong Kong is stunning even to look at. You also get to know about the heritage of Hong Kong on this very trip. With the guides who have immense knowledge on the streets and its traditional history.
The aqua luna

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A symphony of water and light. Get to watch one among the world permanent light shows from the cruise. Enjoy the delicacies served on the ferry and listen to the sounds of the water as you stay on the ferry. Get yourself pre-booked on the first rows of the ferry to give your eyes a fantabulous visual treat. The beaming lights reflect as they fall on the glistening glass of the sky scrappers that stand tall and firm. Listen to the ultimate story of how Hong Kong made its way all from a village to one of the most beautiful looking metropolitans. Book your tickets prior to lower fares and exciting offers on your trip to aqua luna.
Peak up in a tram

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Ever climbed a mountain in a tram. Give your tummy a roller coaster ride by climbing up 1300 meters above the sea level on the tram. The summit has a peak circle walk that lets you watch the city from the top. The historic tram has been running tirelessly for years. Why dont you give a ride on it? This should find a place on your list of to-do things in Hong Kong.
Taste treat

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Give your tongue a twist of taste with deliciously served Dim sums on the plate. These steamed and stuffed foods will help you relish the original Hong Kong-style cuisine. The mouth-watering Pork-barbeque stuffed dim sums are just synonymous with the food served at heaven. Craving them, then add them to your list of to-do things in Hong Kong.
The ultimate Nightlife

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Hong Kong isnt just beauty during the day. It is gorgeous at night as well. The best place to shop in the street night market. Get the best gadgets, painting and cool stuff only at the night market. Also, listen to your future from the forum tellers and determine your fate with the palm reading. The nightlife will leave you tired because there is so much to explore in the night light of HongKong.
Time for some Bet

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Hong Kong has racecourses that are must-visit spots. Entertain yourself by watching the dash the horses give. Wednesday evenings are the best time to visit the place. Dress for the thematic parties and enjoy yourself at this wondrous place. Try your luck with some betting. Who knows you might even turn a millionaire one Wednesday evening on your trip to Hong Kong.
Isnt it fishy?

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The country of Hong Kong started its life only as a fishing village. Tai O is a place that gives you a reminiscing look at Hong Kong's old life. Visit the inhabitants of the boating village and taste the traditional foods they serve. The houses stand on columns of stone, sturdy just like the inhabitants. Give your tongue a taste of the sugar sprinkled doughnuts and taste the dried sea to have a unique experience.
Theme parks

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This is for the kid travelers to Hong Kong. Ocean Park is one of those giant theme parks in Hong Kong, that has enormous rides that you must try. Check out the two cute creatures, Ying Ying and Le LE pandas as they munch on the a=bamboo barks. Click crazy pictures as they stand next to you. Have a breath-taking view from the roller coaster.

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All this can only happen if you plan your trip on your visit to Hong Kong. Prepare your personalized list of to-do things in Hong Kong, to enjoy your vacay time perfectly.