Coffee museum in Dubai

Coffee museum in Dubai

Coffee is a fuel to the creative processes of your brain. Coffee connects us in so many ways to each other. Today lets take a virtual tour of a coffee museum. Yes rightly read Coffee Museum. In the Middle East museum dedicated to coffee is not surprising as in middle east we can find, lots of tea and coffee spectators and we often find these nonalcoholic beverages as an important part of our conversations. Dubai coffee museum is the worth seeing and a must visit a place to coffee lovers around the globe. Dubais Coffee Museum is located in Bur Dubai. Bur Dubai is one of the heritage hubs of Dubai. Located in a villa in the Al Fahidi neighborhood. The Dubai Museum will take the coffee fanatics to the aromatic journey of coffee.Read more:-7 best hotels that you will find near Dubai International Airport!Location: Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood, Bur Dubai. Call 04-3538777.Open from 9 am to 5 pm on all days except FridaysWhen you will enter the Coffee Museum the first visual treat to your eyes will be shopping at the museum. The shop is overloaded with the amazing things which you cant resist to take to your home. The articles available at the Coffee Museum shop includes personal hand grinders and coffee mugs from different countries.The coffee Museum aims to educate the visitors regarding the history of coffee and visitors will be surprised to see the amazing collection of books and documentaries related to Coffee. The valuable treasure of the literature section on the first floor of Coffee Museum is the original print of Johann Friedrich von Pfeiffers encyclopedia Corrections published in 1784. Clearly, a man who knew his beans, for the German has reputedly devoted nearly 180 pages to the subject. The Coffee Museum features an impressive collection of coffee related artifacts. The most captivating is a 300-year-old coffee pot, most important antique display. As it is believed that this coffee pot must have been used by Ethiopians. They also reflect the old examples of Coffee advertising. The coffee spectators will commit sin if they left the Coffee Museum without sipping traditional coffee brewed in the museums custom-built brew bar. Museums custom built brew bar where coffee is prepared using a siphon. The bar is opened from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM on all days of the week except Friday. The store retails a wide range of barista equipment and coffee beans too.Read more:-Top 10 places to visit in the City of Luxury-Dubai!The two-story venue focuses on every aspect of Coffee. The ground floor showcases shop along with International, and Middle Eastern antique sections, as also a room made-up majlis-styletraditional floor-seating used for all manner of Arab gatherings.


The museum offers live demonstrations of brewing and roasting styles in different countries. The aromatic effect of Coffee will stimulate your taste buds and energize your mind. The heart skips when you step in the museum and you will be welcomed by a lady dressed in a beautiful traditional Egyptian outfit serving popcorn and coffee to visitors. The Coffee Museum is having two sections. The two sections of Coffee Museum are referred to as the ground floor and the first floor. When the visitors will be on the ground floor they will find a room full of western antiques. There is a corner that is fully dedicated to Coffee. The Egyptian corner of the Coffee Museum will give you detailed knowledge of the origin and history of Coffee. They present the history of coffee since the Ottoman Empire. In the Coffee Museum, the coffee lovers will have another visual treat as one corner showcases different varieties of coffee. The literature room of Coffee house is an ocean of information as you can find the texts connected to the coffee from the 18th century till the current day.Read more:-7 THINGS YOU SHOULD AVOID WHEN YOU ARE IN DUBAIAs it is coffee Museum it truly signifies its characteristics as visitors can find German grinder dating from World War II and also other grinders collected from Britain. Old paintings and ancient toasters grace this museum, which will let the visitors peep into the history of coffee, and the methods related to its preparation and manufacture.

The historical fact of Coffee

It is believed that coffees origin was discovered by a goat herder named Kaldi who first noticed the increased level of goats energy upon chewing certain berries. Based on the information from Kaldi, the local monastery Abbot did some experiment using these berries, which eventually turned out to be an energizing drink. It made its way to Middle Eastern and Northern African regions during the 15th century, and later traveled to Italy, other European regions and to the Americas.

Architectural Features Of Coffee Museum

Special features of the coffee Museum is its appearance i.e truly and authentically Arabian Style. The traditional two-tier house with artifacts, Majlis and of course the adjoining rooms add charm to intricate architecture of the Coffee Museum. The museum features vintage coffee brewing machines from all over the world. The museum is divided into different zones starting with Ethiopia, as it is believed that, coffee drinking has begun from Ethiopia. The nearby zones present Egyptian and Emirati style coffee makers. When visitors will stroll around the Coffee Museum, they will encounter a section named Mulla which offers all information about this popular drink. Coffee museum without a caf cannot happen, right! So when you feel the rush for caffeine, the caf will serve you right with coffee and snacks. The amenities provided by the coffee museum includes free Wi-Fi, open air, car parking, a museum is family friendly and babies are allowed too. Pets are strictly prohibited. Single person entry is too available. Smoking is strictly prohibited in a campus of Coffee Museum.

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Dubais Coffee Museum is a paradise for coffee lovers. Spread across two floors with a central atrium strung with likenesses of flags of coffee-loving nations. This museum is the first ever museum dedicated to coffee. It showcases the regional and global history of coffee. Coffee spectators can also get to try coffee brewed in various methods like Syphon AED 30; Moka Pot AED 20; Belgian Coffee AED 35 or the traditional coffee like Ethiopian coffee AED 10; Vietnamese Coffee AED 22. The Egyptian section of the Coffee Museum is impossible to miss, as the ever-so-shiny metallic exhibit placed in this section. The multi-media space airing theme-centric documentaries, a kids corner, offices, restrooms, and a bespoke brew-bar will give you strong olfactory stimulation. The coffee lovers have found their dream destination at Dubais Coffee Museum. There are only a handful of dedicated coffee museums elsewhere in the world like in Italy, Portugal, Brazil, the Netherlands & Russia but Dubai has the Middle Easts largest Coffee Museum.Also read:-HONG KONG TRAVEL GUIDE