Deer Peacefully Enjoying Their Tour In Japan's Quiet Nara Park

Deer Peacefully Enjoying Their Tour In Japan's Quiet Nara Park



Impressive photos taken in the Japan Nara Garden, deer seen  enjoying  under the peaceful  cherry blossoms.

The park is a popular destination for tourists, as many people pay to take part in photo shoots in dreamy pink flowers.

But with the current health crisis, Nara Park, a short train ride from Osaka, has stopped silent. You can see sika deer roaming around in the garden sitting under the trees, and they definitely have no idea  and what's going on.

 According to the Japan Directory website, there are more than a thousand deer in the big park, where the graceful  animals are considered "a symbol of the city" in addition to a dedicated natural treasure.
Deer biscuits are sold all over the garden, and some deer have learned to submit to human visitors as a way to ask them for  feeding them 

According to the Japan Manual, the deer in Nara Park are "surprisingly tame", but visitors are advised not to disturb them  or tease them with food to prevent them from becoming aggressive.

Thousands of comments on Tripadvisor, where Nara Park has been awarded the Certificate of Excellence, detailing the sweet nature of the "friendly" deer, which a visitor describes as "hungry and greedy".

 He also advised the visitor's review:

 Make sure to bend towards them because they will lean back (usually if you have food for them). When we received cookies, many deer ran toward us, so be careful with that. But they just want your cookies!

 Quite fair for these cookie experts. We hope you enjoy the calm and quiet you deserve.

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