Delhi Government to accomodate the doctors dealing with Covid-19 patients at The Lalit

Delhi Government to accomodate the doctors dealing with Covid-19 patients at The Lalit

India has been working day and night and taking strict decisions so that the spread of the coronavirus epidemic in the country can be stopped. 

Whether it is the authorities or civilians, everyone is doing their part with utmost dedication to the country and its people.

A few hours before India went into lockdown for 21 days, as instructed by the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi Ji, people all over the country took part in expressing their gratitude for all the doctors, nurses and other health care and sanitation workers who are on the frontline risking their lives to cure the people. On 22nd March 2020, everyone came to their balconies and terraces to clap and ring bells, among other things at exactly 5.00 pm to cheer for the hospital staff. This showed a sense of humanity and unity amongst the people of India. 

The Delhi Government, as well as other state governments, have taken several new measures to support the doctors and other hospital staff in the city.

The doctors on the frontline for treating COVID-19 patients in the Lok Nayak and G.B. Pant Hospitals have been provided with free accommodation at the Lalit. It is one of the top luxury hotels in Delhi.

As per the reports, the Health Minister has given sanction to this order. The Delhi Government will take care of the costs incurred. As per the order, the New Delhi District Magistrate needs to arrange a total of 100 rooms at The Lalit hotel.

This decision has been made so as to safeguard the medical professionals who are on the frontline dealing with Coronavirus infected patients. Some days before the order had been approved by the Health Minister, a doctor who had been working at the Mohalla Clinic had contracted the virus. His whole family was also tested positive. 

 This measure has been expected to help control this disease and aid the doctors as well.

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