Delicacies Named After Famous Bollywood Celebrities

Delicacies Named After Famous Bollywood Celebrities

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Bollywood celebs in India are very substantial and their daily regimen becomes an instant trend to follow. So its no surprise when many restaurants across the globe name their delicacies and drinks after Bollywood celebrities.From career and fashion to food, they cast a spell on our lives. While we all know the people who get mesmerized to live life like these celebrities, there are a few who have dedicated their profession or a part of it to these celebrities as well. Today, we are going to tell you about 8 such celebrities who have inspired these food businesses to name dishes after them. Have you tried any of these to date?So let us take a look at some of the famous dishes & drinks named after Bollywood celebrities.
Chicken Sanju Baba

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We all love Sanjay Dutt for his brilliant acting skills and his soulful eyes. But very few people are aware that Sanjay Dutt loves to eat and cook too. This chicken dish is the brainchild of Sanjay Dutt, who loves to eat delicacies. This dish is available at Noor Mohammadi Hotel. The dish was added to the Noor Mohammadi menu in 2010. Sanjay Dutt is a patron for Noor Mohammadi since 1986. Sanjay Dutt also loves Nalli Nihari served at this shop and it is his favorite dish served here. But in 2010, for the first time, he shared the recipe of his mouth-watering special chicken recipe, with restaurant owner Khalid Hakimi and his chefs. Khalid Hakimi who is the owner immediately added this spicy chicken recipe to its menu and he said from that day this gravy based dish is hot selling item at Noor Mohammadi. Even the sales volume has surpassed the hot biryani too. The day when Sanjay Dutt was released after serving his jail term, Chicken Sanju Baba was served free to all of Hakimi's customers. Mohammadi Hotel at Mohammed Ali Road, Mumbai, is well-known for its Nalli Nahari and Chicken Sanju Baba. The restaurants wall duly signed by Sanjay Dutt. The specialty to be noted is that this Chicken dish is made from whole spices instead of ground one. So if you are in Mumbai then this dish is worth trying, head towards Noor Mohammad to taste Chicken Sanju Baba which is the signature dish of Sanjay Dutt and give a big salute to the culinary skills of the great actor Sanjay Dutt.Location: Noor Mohammadi Hotel, 179, Wazir Building, Abdul Hakim Chowk, Bhendi Bazar, Near, Mohammad Ali Road. Timing: 6: 00 Am to 1.30 AmCost: Rs. 500Read more:-Dishes that you cannot ignore when in Kashmir
Bhai Jaan


Bhai Jaan is a casual dining restaurant located in Bandra West, Western Suburbs. This restaurant is dedicated to our favorite khan Salman Khan. The menu offers an array of North Indian, Chinese, Mughlai and is economic at the same time. The usage of fresh ingredients and vegetables makes the dishes lip smacking. Bhai Jaan has a decent ambiance paired up with casual outdoor seating. Guests can find the posters of Salman Khan movies all around the spaces. The best thing to be noted here is that menu too have dishes named after Salman Khan Movies like Chulbul Chawal section, Dabangg dishes, most wanted rotis and Indian bread, and more. Though the interior of the restaurant is offbeat the shades of Salman Khan movies and the spectacular dishes named after Salman Khan make this place must visit in Mumbai.Location-G2, White Rose Building, Rizvi Complex, Sherly Rajan Road, Carter Road, BandraTiming-11.30 am to 2.30 amCost-INR 1000
Karina Special Juice
When it swelters, you cant bear to think about food. Everything must quench. So whether its summer or winter, the healthiest drink after water can be juice. The Mumbai offers Karina special Juice. The most popular B-town Diva Karina Kapoor always insists drinking liquids will keep you hydrated and so the Patli Juice Corner in Mumbai has made possible different varieties of juice named after famous Bollywood movies and Karina Special Juice too. The name of the juices is inspired by the success of the movies. The unique names are Dhoom 3 juice, Dabangg Dry Fruit Mocktail, Chennai Express Mocktail, Kabhie Khushi Kabhie Gham Mocktail, and special Golmaal Mocktail. The best among them is Karina special juice. image source-Harvard Health - Harvard UniversityLocation-Patil Juice Centre, Centre Tata, Road 2, Supariwala Estate, Opera House, Charni RoadTiming: 9 am to 1 amCost: Rs. 250
The Masaba at Le15 Patisserie
The patisserie in Bandra is tiny, ideally meant for takeaway but there are a few tables to sit and enjoy your sugary treat. The most famous dishes are Red Velvet and Belgian Chocolate cupcakes. The well-known pastry chef Pooja Dhingra made a customized cake for her bestie designer Masaba that consisted of Chocolate ganache cake layered with butterscotch chips. The taste was amazing and unforgettable. So when you giver order she creates special customized cakes, that she had retained in her menu after creating for Masaba. The signature dishes include an array of macarons in different flavors, they also have cupcakes, choux pastries, cakes, tarts and an assortment of pastries. So if you are sugar addicted and wants to give your taste bud sugary treat head towards Le15 Patisserie. But the most important to note is on time as the counter gets emptied by 9 Pm. Location: Ground Floor, Siffin Apartments, Pali Hill, Bandra (2 more locations)Timing: 9 am to 11 pmCost: Approximately Rs. 2000Every place we go, we try new dishes or some authentic cuisine dedicated to that destination. So when you plan a trip to Mumbai, after seeing the residents of popular actors in B-Town head towards the above-mentioned location to try the dishes named after celebrities in Mumbai. I am sure you will have a delightful experience of dining such dishes and that would be the best way to show you are B-Town lovers. Read more:-Best Street Foods in Lucknow That You Cannot Miss Out On!