DiscoverEU programme is back with even more free rail passes

DiscoverEU programme is back with even more free rail passes

Good news for travelers. The European Union plans to relaunch the DiscoverEU programme, with 60,000 young people now having the opportunity to explore Europe. How? Questions? Under the program, 18-year-olds will be granted free Interrail passes to increase cross-border travel and better unity between cultures.

DiscoverEU was first launched in 2018, but 2020 has been a downside. So, unfortunately, those young men and women who turned 18 in 2020 couldn't get the permits. Therefore, the European Union decided to include the 2020 budget in 2021, that way twice as many people will now be able to travel across Europe by train in 2022.  DiscoverEU Tickets are offered to member states according to the size of their population, and only to those who recently turned 18 years old.

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These Interrail passes are a great help for young travelers, as they can visit 40,000 destinations throughout the European Union.

Selected individuals must use passes between March 2022 and March 2023. They also have 30 days to use the card. The good thing that has been added to DiscoverEU this year is an interruption and medical insurance, due to the ongoing pandemic. Additionally, travelers will have flexible booking and route options. Also, people who got a free train ticket in November 2019 can use it until August 31.

DiscoverEU travelers will be called in to attend a pre-departure meeting to discuss the importance of the program. There will also be a meeting session with the locals that will include cultural activities. Young travelers will also be encouraged to explore lesser-known European destinations, alongside the usual temptation of big cities.

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