Do You Plan To Trip To Srinagar, Kashmir? Here You Should Know A Few Tips, Both For Domestic And  International Travellers

Do You Plan To Trip To Srinagar, Kashmir? Here You Should Know A Few Tips, Both For Domestic And International Travellers

Srinagar, located in predominantly Muslim Kashmir in the far north of India, is one of the 10 best hill stations in India. This place of splendid natural beauty is often referred to as the "Land of Lakes and Gardens" or the "Switzerland of India". The beautiful gardens of Tulips and many other colorful orchids have a clear Mogul influence since most of the gardens were managed by the Mughal emperors. There were some political issues with this state but now peace has been settled down and thousands of visitors both Indian and International Travellers are now flocking in this heavenly place each year. Before you plan the trip, you must go through with this mini Srinagar travel guide.
How to get
Srinagar has a new airport and can be reached more easily by plane from Delhi or from any nearby airport from your place. There are also daily direct flights from Mumbai and Jammu for your Srinagar trip. The state bus company offers a low-cost bus service from the airport to the Tourism Authority in Srinagar. If you move solely then you may have to count around 700-1000 rupees for a taxi, depending on the availability. You can find many super-fast expresses from any corner in India to each J&K (Srinagar). Jammu Tawi Express, Shatabdi Express, and Rajdhani Express via Delhi are the three famous namesIf you are traveling on a limited budget, you may prefer to take a train from Indian Railways to Jammu and then travel by jeep / shared taxi to Srinagar. You can also opt for road transport like Bus Transportation but they are slower than others. A railway project is currently underway to link the Kashmir Valley with the rest of India, but it is delayed and is not expected to be completed until after 2020. Tunnels are also being built to reduce travel time from Jammu to Srinagar for around five hours.Also visit:-Most beautiful places to see snow in India.
Visas and security for foreign tourists
International Travellersmust register when arriving and leaving the airport. It is a simple process that requires completing a form and only takes about five minutes. Keep in mind that employees of the other nation government and contractors who have security clearance cannot visit Srinagar since Kashmir is not allowed. Traveling to Kashmir may result in the loss of security clearance unless they are specially permitted.
What to see and do
There are some attractive tourist points in Srinagar. Throughout the year tourists come here and enjoy their summer and winter holidays. Srinagar, Gulmarg, Pahalgam are the three nearest point where you can enjoy snowfall and beautiful frozen valley with natural sceneries. However, the most attractive fact of Srinagar is the Boathouse, Kashmiri Cuisine, Kashmiri silk, and regional festivals etc.
Image source-International TravellerSrinagar is best known for its houseboats, a legacy of the British that has multiplied rapidly. This is one of the main of Srinagar attractions. Avoid booking houseboats to tour operators in Delhi unless you know and research some agency in thorough details. Renowned houseboats can be booked at the Srinagar airport, and many also have websites.
Dal Lake
Dal Lake is the famous lake of Srinagar, the summer capital of the state of Jammu and Kashmir. This lake is connected to other lakes of the Kashmir Valley. Dal Lake is well known for its numerous Victorian floating wooden houses. The Dal Lake is very interesting for its fauna and flora. Within the flora, you can highlight the lotus flowers and water lilies. Among the most prominent birds are the kingfisher and the heron.
Shalimar Bagh and Tulip Garden
Shalimar Bagh is the quiet garden and with the largest dahlias you can ever see. Remains of temples in the interior, a little badly preserved but with a special energy that invites you to spend the afternoon lying there on the lawn. You must not miss the Festivals of Tulip that is held each year on the valley in Aprils first week. This is the main reason why tourist from around the globe comes to travel Srinagar. This is the largest Tulip garden on this entire continent. There are cultural events that take place while the festival is in high time. Nishant Bagh and Indira Gandhi National park are famous for their Tulip garden.
Pari Mahal
Image source -Live History IndiaBuild in the time of Emperor Shah Jahan, this Mughal architecture stands in the range of Dal Lake and Srinagar. It looks so pretty that you feel that angels have fallen into Earth. It is an exquisite example of Islamic architecture. Once it was a Buddhist Monastery which was later converted to the school of astrology.
When to visit
The type of experience you want to have there will determine the best time of the year to visit. It is very cold and snowy from December to February, and it is possible to ski in the snow in the surrounding areas. If you want to enjoy the Srinagar holidays with lakes and gardens, it is recommended to visit from April to October. April to June is the high season. The monsoon usually arrives in mid-July. September-October is also a good time to visit, and it's not that busy. The foliage becomes enchanting, warm and deep colors at the end of October, as the climate becomes colder. The temperatures get quite hot during the day during the summer, but they are cold at night. Make sure you wear a jacket.
Conclusion: useful tips
You will find many cheap hotels to choose from the Boulevard. Otherwise, if money is not a problem, the best luxury hotels are the Lalit Grand Palace and the Taj Dal View. There are many popular family-type homes in Srinagar and it is also low cost. If you have a tight budget, you can look for budget oriented hotels that offer low-cost facilities and the true value of money. The Swissotel, located right next to the Boulevard, is a popular and economical choice. Also, check out the special offers of Srinagar's current hotels on various online travel websites and bogs.If you are flying from Srinagar airport, arrive with enough time, as there are long and multiple security checks. There are no restrictions on cabin baggage when you fly to the airport. However, when departing, many airlines will not allow cabin luggage, except laptops, cameras and ladies handbags. You will face big lines in the gondola. Also, you can take a chance visiting Pahalgam during July, as you will be very busy with the pilgrims who go on the Amarnath Yatra. Your hotel or houseboat can provide you with a local SIM card to use.Read more:-A trek to Kalindikhal pass