Eco-Floating Hotel in Qatar generates its own electricity

Eco-Floating Hotel in Qatar generates its own electricity

The Eco-Floating Hotel in Qatar will be a luxury hotel that generates its own electricity, and even collects and reuses rainwater and food waste. For a better environment and sustainable future, a new floating hotel in Qatar takes a step forward with its ability to generate its own electricity.

The hotel will have a total of 152 rooms, a concept designed by Turkish firm Hayri Atak Architectural Design Studio (HAADS). The hotel's motto is minimal loss of energy and no waste, and that's exactly what it does. HAADS is working closely with senior architects and engineers to bring this concept to life. Work has continued since March 2020.

Eco-Floating Hotel Qatar

The design itself is futuristic, although the hotel will have all the elements of a perfect luxury hotel. It has indoor and outdoor pools, a gym, mini golf, a spa, and more. It is a cool concept designed to maintain the ecological balance. Customers will be able to reach the hotel with the help of a boat or helicopter.

The hotel will be similar to a dynamo and will use the water current with the help of tidal power and wind turbines. The hotel will rotate 360 degrees in 24 hours to generate electricity. It will be a hallmark for the hospitality industry when this hotel will come to life. 

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