Have you ever visited the unknown hill station of Jeolikote at Nainital?

Have you ever visited the unknown hill station of Jeolikote at Nainital?

Exploring the unknown or the lesser known places is an adventure that is unique and you have so much to share with your friends and family. Such places are cheap, less noisy and have the possibility of extensive exploration. One such place is the village of Jeolikote located in the Nainital district of the state ofUttarakhand, India. It is a beautiful hill station located amidst the hills and the greenery all around makes you feel so close to nature. It is situated at an altitude of 1219 meters also known as the Gateway to Naini Lake. Apart from its scenic beauty the place is very rich in its flora and fauna. It is an ideal place for those who are fascinated towards flori culture and butterfly catching.This can be a perfect relaxation point while you are travelling towards Nainital. Also many people who commute between Haldwani and Nainital stop here to enjoy the tea and pakoras of this place. A glass of tea with 'bread pakora' at the 'Verma Jalpan Grah' with the picturesque view and friendly locals of the area provides you with a fun experience. You must catch the local life in your camera if you are a photographer or a blogger. It is the perfect trailer to the beauty which lies ahead (Nainital).In pre independence era Jeolikote used to be halt point for British to get relax before moving to the summer capital Nainital. You will find lot of ancient British structure in Jeolikote. This place is very fertile for vegetable and fruits. The reason why there are huge farm lands and with time people have started to build cottages for the tourists. You will find small but comfortable cottages amidst the serenity of this place. They also have home stays where you can enjoy the local food, get accustomed with the local dialect and get to know the people better.Places to visit-

Heritage Points

This small village of Jeolikot has been a tourist spot since the colonial times and hence, a number of cottages and cemeteries are found in hidden corners and pathways of the destination. One must visit cottage is the House of Warwick Sahib. It is the most famous one. This was the home to a retired major of the British army, who used to live in Jeolikot. Another famous bungalow is the one that belonged to a lady who was the direct descendant of Napoleon Bonaparte. She came on a trip to Jeolikot, and after falling in love here she stayed back in here.

The Cottage

The Cottage in Jeolikot is a famous holiday resort located in the surroundings of Kumaon hills. The travelers can experience the charm of a vintage English Cottage at this place. It was originally set up as a health resort and later was managed as a hotel by a Scottish lady and her daughter till 1947.The Cottage in Jeolikot is surrounded with greenery and seasonal flowers, fruits and shrubs. The cottage is designed in traditional designs. The carvings of the woodwork and doorways of the cottage reflect the artistry of the Kumaon region.

Pangot and Kilbury Bird Sanctuary

A small village known by the name of Pangot is located near Jeolikot. If you wish to enjoy the scenic beauty of the snow clad peaks and do bird watching you must visit the Kilbury Bird Sanctuary here. It is a habitat to over 240 species of birds.Apart from these places you can visit the adjoining areas. Uttarakhand has many tourist locations and has a total of seven tals (lakes) apart from Nainital. So after you visit Jeolikot and Nainital, you must visit the other lake places.