Everything that you need to know about Indians pod hotel in Mumbai

Everything that you need to know about Indians pod hotel in Mumbai

Hospitality has got a new destination in Andheri Mumbai, India. The concept of capsule hotel has finally landed in India. The concept of a capsule hotel was first started in Japan. Urbanpod is the brainchild of Shalabh Mittal and Hiren Gandhi, two young entrepreneurs who wanted to replicate their pod-hotel experience from Singapore. Berlin Lee, was quite a helpful partner for them as he was having some experience running capsule hotels, and architecture firm Formwerkz has designed Indias First Pod hotel. The beautiful architecture with all basic necessities is exemplary. The core concept of capsule hotel is the optimum use of space and affordable accommodation for solo travelers. The pod concept in the world of hospitality is new trends to talk about. The trending Pod Concept is compact, cheap and furnished with all basic necessities. The Pod concept is becoming very popular in the urban environment and finding its place in almost every cities. Simply we can say pod hotels or a Capsule hotel is a kind of accommodation that provides small rooms (referred to as capsules) equipped with basic necessities. Urbanpod Indias first hotel that brings never seen before, the combination of cheap hotel fare and European hostel atmosphere. The iPod hotel is the perfect destination for those travelers who only book hotels for taking rest. Mumbai has always seen space constraint and where you have necessity, the human brain solve the problem by inventing something new. Every year when travelers find it almost impossible to get a space to rest their bones at affordable prices. So young entrepreneurs who share common passion & values - that of doing things differently, creating something new & innovative that 'adds value' to the customers and the society at large. They have come up with creativity in hospitality with first Pod hotel in India. Urbanpod has given India a SMART accommodation (good value-for-money). Also read:-Top 7 most luxurious hotels in the world Location: Urbanpod, Opus Park, Plot F-21, First Floor, MIDC Central Road, Beside Seepz Bus Depot, Andheri East India Cost: Rs 1,885 for ladies/classic pod Rs 2,400 for private pod Rs 2,850 for suite pod (exclusive of taxes) Booking a room with Urbanpod is just one click away. Just need to check Urbanpod website, book, and pay.

Special Features of I-Pod Hotel

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This generation next hotel is having 140 units in totality. It gives a comfortable and affordable stay. The Pod is having suite pods for couples, private pods, and all female exclusive pods. The location is highly convenient for travelers. It is only 4.4 km away from the International airport and a walking distance from several major local stations in Mumbai. On average it costs only INR 2000 per person per night to stay at Indias first Pod hotel. The pods are arranged side-by-side and one-upward creating a beautiful layout. The basic in-pod amenities include a cozy, comfortable bed, free Wi-Fi, Plasma television with headphones; personal locker with secure keycard access, dresser with mirror, reading light, air purifier, hangers. All Pod hotels are air-conditioned and have sliding doors with locking facilities. Pod hotel offers laundry services too. The Pod hotel does not have a separate bathroom, dining lounge. Bathrooms are shared but equipped with standard toiletries. The caf is located in a pod for the yummy delight of travelers. When it comes to safety the pod has a smoke detector and a fire extinguisher. Also read:-The most incredible festivals in February 2019 in India The classic Pods are single occupancy. The in-pod amenities include television, complimentary Wi-Fi, power socket with two USB port, mood lighting and a personal safe too. Located in a large room with 12-18 classic pods. The travelers who choose to occupy Classic pods can get complimentary breakfast and baggage lockers. Guests cannot take their luggage inside the pods as the size of the pods is small. The baggage locker facilities are provided to each traveler with electronic secured keycard access. It is fully safe as the locker can be accessed by the owner only. Out of 124 classic pods, 18 are meant for only women and are housed in a room. The second category is that of the Private Pods, which get a bit of extra space as compared to the previous ones. The in-pod amenities, however, remain the same as the Classic Pods. The suites are double occupancy spaces with a window-facing queen sized bed and complimentary Wi-Fi. Urbanpod features two business desks. Guests can enjoy a hot cup of coffee while working. The caf at Urbanpod serves two purposes, a common dining area, where guests can enjoy food till 10:00 PM. Guests can even order food to their room too. Besides dining, guests can read books and enjoyable evening with their friends too. The first view inside the Urbanpod will give tourists a spacecraft feeling, with buttons and cons that displays both mediums of communication in India (Hindi and English). The signs that are displayed will give the travelers, clear view of future and technological innovation in India. The Urbanpod is clean and cozy accommodation. The common dining will give you chance to increase social networking with the people staying in the hotel. When we take a closer view of the ambiance of the Urbanpod-Indias First Pod hotel, None of the travelers can resist themselves without taking a snap. Selfie lovers have numerous destination inside the Urbanpod to just go on click, click, click. The first thing that catches the attention of the travelers is Silence inside the urban pop. The only drawback that one may find in Urbanpod is that it is not suitable for family trips. But the business travelers and the solo travelers will be in love with the new accommodation destination in India. Also read:-Do You Plan To Trip To Srinagar, Kashmir?

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The generation next hotel, First Pod Hotel in India has given the business travelers and solo travelers their dream destination. All travelers who were struggling hard to save their money while traveling and finding cheap accommodation is now possible at Andheri Mumbai. The economic capital of India has given a new dimension to Indian Hospitality. So travelers can Pick from private and classic pods, the latter including men-only pods and an exclusive set of pods just for women. For those traveling in pairs, theres the suite pod. The first Pod hotel in India is true inspiration from the pod hotels in Japan and Singapore. After all, its a fruitful innovation of making the most of the little spaces in an area. With the changing scenario the huge number of travelers traveling to India from international destinations or the local ones. Their need for cheap, clean accommodation is now solved with the Urbanpod-First Pod Hotel in India. The hotel already has more than 650 reviews on Google with a 4.4 rating. Most people have called it their go-to place. So travel lovers who are planning their next trip to Mumbai, India and want to save money on their accommodation then the First Pod Hotel in India is a place that cant be missed. Ideal place to save on your accommodation. Enjoy a cheap, clean, comfortable and convenient stay at Urbanpod. Also read:-The Worlds First Feni Cellar In Goa