Gira Waterfall: A Majestic Waterfall you must visit while planning your trip to Gujrat.

Gira Waterfall: A Majestic Waterfall you must visit while planning your trip to Gujrat.

One of India's most beautiful waterfalls is the Gira Waterfalls which is situated in Gujarat. Plan your recent vacation on a hill of Saputara which will treat your eyes with a picturesque Pushpak ropeway.

Gira waterfalls, or Gira Dhodh as it is known locally, are a sight for sore eyes and are situated deep inside the Dang district of Southern Gujarat, in the Sahyadri mountain range. Gira Waterfalls are India's most beautiful cascades formed when the foamy River Ambica plunges 30 meters down a precipitous rock.

What is the ideal time to visit Gira Waterfalls?

The monsoon season or immediately following it is the ideal time to explore Gira waterfalls. The Rain fills the falls with water and infuses the surrounding area with lush greenery which needs to be experienced if you are a nature lover.

Anytime if you are in Saputara or the surrounding area, it is an excellent idea to visit Gira Falls. You need not to worry about spending your time over here as the greatest activities, transportation options, operating hours, and entrance costs are all included in this comprehensive guide to visiting Gujarat's Gira Waterfalls.

Gira Waterfall

Gira Waterfalls: A brief overview

Gira Waterfalls is the seasonal waterfall in India's Western Ghats. It is close to the Dang District which is close to the village of Waghai located in Gujrat. Apart from it Gira is less than 50 kilometers from Saputara, the one and only hill station in Gujarat, making it a desirable day trip option from Saputara. 

The Ambika River creates Gira Falls when it flows down a steep rock. The waterfall is hardly 30 meters high, but what it falls down from a certain height, it makes more in volume. 

Where are the Gira Falls?

The Gira waterfalls are close to the village of Waghai in Gujarat's Dang district. The travel distance between Saputara and Gira Falls is just  50 kilometers. It takes roughly 1.5 hours to travel from Saputara to Gira Dhodh. Surat and Gira Falls are separated by around 110 kilometers, and it takes less than 3 hours to go there. 

When traveling from Surat to Saputara or the other way around, the Gira waterfall is a picturesque spot to visit.

How to travel to Gira Waterfall 

You can opt for a car or taxi as it is the most convenient way to reach Gira waterfalls. The 1.5-hour trip from Saputara to Gira is incredibly gorgeous, with rolling hills, lush meadows, and bubbling streams all along the way. The parking is available near the entrance, which is around 500 meters from the falls. The trip takes roughly 2.5 hours if you are in Surat and use NH 48 and NH 360.

From Saputara, you can take a bus to Waghai, where you can further book or opt for an autorickshaw that will take you to the Gira Falls.

Gira Waterfall

How do I spend my time at Gira Falls?

Observing the falls and taking in their beauty is, of course, the nicest thing to do at Gira waterfall. However, there are a few additional things you can and cannot do in this place.

Enjoy the Splendor of Gira Falls

The finest thing to do when visiting the Gira waterfalls is to take in the breathtaking views of the falls from various perspectives. After passing through the gates, continue walking for about 500 meters until you reach a viewpoint where you can stand in the cascades.

If you want a better perspective of the falls, We advise going down the stairs on your right.

You will have to navigate a rocky labyrinth of gift shops before you can see the magnificent glory of the Gira Waterfall.

On your left, there is a significant and more stunning section of the falls. Here, you may stroll right up to the ropes to take some excellent pictures. Although it is common for this region to be congested, you can climb the cliffs to discover better spots.

On your right, there is a minor fall as well, but it is difficult to see it clearly. Consequently, it is challenging to photograph.Please be aware that bathing or going near the falls are both prohibited here.You must admire the waterfalls from behind the ropes because the entire waterfall area is blocked off.

Take Beautiful Photos

The splendor of Gira Falls should not be missed here. Additionally, there are lots of chances to pose. Additionally, you can record the view from above if you own a drone.

Arrive early, choose a few decent sites, and start taking pictures. Between 11am and 4pm, the location is extremely packed. In addition, there are a few lush areas in the paddy fields near to the entrance gate that make for fantastic shooting opportunities. What's even better is that they are frequently empty.

Entry Tickets and Opening hours of Gira Waterfall

The entrance gates to the waterfall open each day at 9:00 am, despite the fact that it is literally accessible around-the-clock. The entry is open from 9 am to 5 pm.

Gira Waterfalls

The Best time to visit Gira Waterfalls

The best time to see Gira Waterfalls in Gujarat is during or immediately after the rainy season because it is a seasonal waterfall. Tourists get to see the most amazing sight at this time when the waterfalls are rushing with rainwater.

To be exact, the best time to visit Gira Dhodh is from September to November. Additionally, this is the perfect time to visit Saputara, so you may easily combine Gira Falls and Saputara attractions.

Additional advice for visiting Gira Falls

If you intend to approach the falls closer, put on some sturdy footwear. Because of the rough terrain, some walking and hiking up and down is necessary.

Just before the steps, there are restrooms. They can be a little challenging to see, but they are on your right as you descend from the gate. Any shopkeeper will be pleased to assist you if you ask.

At the falls, swimming and bathing are not permitted. However, there are a few nearby creeks where you may enjoy yourself in water.

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