Goa Pindul Cave Tubing: Magical Journey In The Underground River

Goa Pindul Cave Tubing: Magical Journey In The Underground River


What's unique


Goa Pindul Cave offers an unmatched encounter of gliding on the waterway in a cavern by tubing. Situated at Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta, Pindul Cave offers an invigorating excursion inside the world's gut by tubing.


This energizing experience joins boating and surrendering to offer an extraordinary encounter. The waterway stream comes from Gedong Tujuh Spring which never dries. The progression of the stream is quiet and permits children to enjoy this movement.


You will run over a major lake washed in normal sunbeams through an opening in the roof just before the finish of your excursion. This is an ideal spot to take rest, click pictures, and swim towards the land prior to completing your experience.


Knowing the cavern better


Opened on tenth October 2010, Pindul Cave is 350 meters in length, 5 meters wide, and 4 meters high from the water surface to the rooftop. The water is 5-12 meters down.


The cavern has 3 zones, specifically the light zone, the dark zone, and the dim zone. In the light zone, guests can swim and hop from the stone into the water. In the dark zone, one can observe seeing delightful tapered rocks and normally framed adornments. Likewise alluded to as the interminable haziness, the dim zone permits members to be encompassed by pitch murkiness for some time.


Attractions inside the cave


Tapered rocks are a significant fascination in the cavern. They are a kind of arrangement that dangle from the roof of caverns. One specific underground rock formation is the greatest in Pindul Cave and fourth greatest on the planet. It is large to such an extent that it needs five individuals clasping hands to encompass it.


There are theoretical plans on the mass of the cavern from water, precious stone, and moon milk.


In the focal point of the cavern, there is a major column that was shaped from an underground rock formation and stalagmite unification and goes back to a very long time prior.


There are pearl beads in the cavern and they dribble when individuals cruise by.


The legend has it


As indicated by legends, the cavern got its name from a man's excursion of discovering his dad. There was a man named Joko Singlulung who searched for his dad all over, from backwoods and slopes to streams and buckles. At the point when Singlulung entered one of the caverns at Bejiharjo Village, his cheek brushed the stone and expand. The name Pindul is gotten from the term 'pipi gebendul' which means swollen cheek.





Desa Wisata Bejiharjo, Gunung Kidul 55891, Indonesia




45 minutes




It begins at start at 8 toward the beginning of the day. The best an ideal opportunity to begin cavern tubing is around 9 am or 10 am the point at which the water is tolerable. Another significant bit of leeway is the delightful daylight that sparkles into the cavern through the rooftop, making a dynamite sight.


Reserve your spot least one day ahead of time.




236 (IDR 50,000) for neighborhood and 425 (IDR 90,000) for worldwide guest. The expense incorporates protective cap, life vest, elastic cylinder, elastic shoes and an accomplished guide.


Shaped by Karst in underground waterway, Pindul Cave is situated around 7 kilometers south of the downtown area Wonosari, Gunung Kidul in Indonesia. Goa Pindul is explicitly acclaimed for cavern tubing that offers guests an opportunity to coast with tires over the underground waterway inside the cavern.

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