Good News- Malta will allow travelers to come as vaccination drive shows signs of success

Good News- Malta will allow travelers to come as vaccination drive shows signs of success

Malta will soon begin easing COVID-19 restrictions, starting this month. This was announced by the Prime Minister of Malta, Robert Abela, as the country was able to proceed with vaccination at a much faster rate than anywhere else in the European Union.

Abela told the media that schools will reopen, while the government will consider reopening nonessential shops and restaurants on April 26. The prime minister added that the masses would be allowed to return to the churches on April 18 and that the restrictions would be gradually eased.

According to news reports, restaurants and schools closed in early March due to a large number of coronavirus cases in the area.

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Malta reportedly registered around 510 new cases of the virus on March 10 out of a population of 500,000; The same, in the last two weeks, it dropped to an average of 54 new cases per day. Abela added that Malta plans to reopen its vital tourism sector on June 1 and that they will work to promote it as one of the safest tourist destinations.

Health Minister Chris Vern explained in more detail about the vaccine injection, that around 42 percent of adults in Malta have already received a single injection of the vaccine. Furthermore, according to the most recent records, no other country in the European Union has been able to match Malta's numbers.

Malta uses a combination of vaccines, unlike many other countries in the European Union. He bought the maximum number of different strokes. He added that 95% of those over 80 have already been vaccinated, while 86% of those over 70 and 78% of those over 60 have received vaccinations.

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